I run happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Groovin the Recovery in Bullets!!

I bounce back well.

 How to recover from  a bad marathon and stay sane...

*get an hour and a half treatment on the bad foot.  OUCH...I was running two days later but there has been some tendon damage.  Everything was just seized up in my foot but it's getting better and I have run twice for 4 miles at a time.  S  L  O  W  L  Y !
*eat some Cadbury Eggs(protein, remember?).
*I denied myself about four or five GOOD races during training(both 5ks, 10ks and half-marathons because I knew my FOOT was an issue.  Now I'm sticking to some shorter races...I'm excited!!
*garden, planted tomatoes, sunflowers and cilantro and zinnias.
*jacuzzi every night
*gear up for BS' ULTRA this Saturday.  We're heading out on Friday.  This is going to be fun...he's running a 50k.  Check out the course here:http://leonadivide5050.com/.
*planning a race for May 14th.
*gearing up the Pretzels for our Kindergarten Circus in May.
*adjusting to my new diet of NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT ANY DARN THING I WANT.  Gosh, how I love marathon training and DISLIKE being back to having to eat LESS!!!  Ok, besides the Cadbury Eggs.
*running just to be running(and feeling so grateful)!

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Boston Skinny...

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for your emails, texts and wishes.  I've been licking my wounds and just trying to chill from the WEEKEND of many issues and "special" events.

First off, I have to congratulate those Boston runners who did such a great job and had such wonderful races.  I was inspired through your training and your racing, it is truly a treat to be a blogger and to learn from everyone else out there.  Thanks for sharing your fun, your secrets and your training. You all inspire, thanks for that...

If anyone is out there reading this,  I have to say that this may be LONG and boring but if there's one thing I can say about blogging, it is therapeutic and more than once, it has helped me through a rough patch with parenting, running and just living.  THANKS to those of you who share your advice, I appreciate you all!!  Basically, I'm saying that this post is more for ME than you.  We'll see how much I delete before pushing PUBLISH POST...

All my training for this race happened in 11 weeks.  Previously, I had been injured at NYC but I did finish that race and ran it well, despite my planter facitis pain which later, turned into IT BAND pain, tendon pain, etc.  I rested for 7 weeks and felt strong enough to tackle Boston.  The training went better than ever, faster than ever and I was truly ready for this race.  The 11 weeks went by quickly.

The race started off well.  I looked for fellow bloggers in my corral but no one looked familiar. My plan was to start off slower than my goal pace and just let my body warm up.  It is always very crowded and boxed in at the beginning of this race but I liked the idea of taking it easy and picking up the pace as the crowd dispersed a bit.  This really didn't happen as quickly as I would have liked but it did keep me from going out too fast. I felt rested, happy and calm about this race and it was just a great start with some awesome, sunny and semi-warm weather.

Hmmm...that feeling of RAINBOWS, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM and SUNSHINE lasted about 13-14 miles.  At about this point,  I started to get a strange burning sensation along the top of my foot(yes, the evil foot).  I had never felt this type of pain so I just kind of ignored it, thinking it was something temporary.  Silly me.  Every two miles(every med tent),  I was able to get some type of deep tissue work so that I could actually walk and get back out on the course.  The final med tent happened to have a physio who reminded me of B. from B Project, the place where BS and I go for strength training and physio work.  This volunteer tweaked my foot which had seized up from the toes to the shins,  and suddenly everything felt better...until I hit the road and it happened again.

OK, at this point I had a decision to make.
I knew I couldn't hit my desired pace.  I had tried and it just made the pain much worse. Jogging anywhere between 9:00-11:00 was all I could do.
Could I endure 9 to 10 more miles at that pace?

Truly, I'm no hero but I am tough so I knew that quitting wasn't an option.  Suddenly, I changed my focus to the other people around me, their journeys, their stories and the run took on another flavor.

Sure, it wasn't what I had intended to have happen.  It wasn't "the plan."  But I've learned over the years that MY PLAN is sometimes insignificant.  I can put a dream or a goal out there, do my best to pull it off, work hard and embrace the experience but the outcomes are sometimes HUGE SURPRISES,  UNEXPECTED and many times, OUT OF MY CONTROL.  Imagine that.

The Boston Play Book was different this year.  I walked away with some FUN memories of stalking the elites at the expo,  dining with track club friends, eating some incredible meals,  meeting some very special bloggers,  and running with some very inspiring people. No regrets.

I returned home LATE TUesday night,  woke up at 5:45 a.m. and hit the ground running again,  It has been RODEO DAYS this week with the Pretzels and ponies, ducks hatching, and campfire sing alongs have filled our days.  I haven't had a ton of time to even think about last Monday....which is probably a good thing.

The Pretzels Milk the Saw Horse COw...that's how we roll in Urban California!
I let goats eat kids' hair...it's so entertaining!  Even Cowgirl R. thinks it's funny.  Two weeks before spring break she cut her own hair at home(oops!),  how is she going to explain this one to her mom?

Where will I go from here?

I saw my physio B. and he worked on my seized up foot for an hour and a half.  It was the most painful work I've ever had done but it feels better!  I can even give a three mile trot a try tomorrow and I'll go from there.

Chris K. from The Manly Runner has challenged me to a 5k race on May 14th so I am determined to heal up by then.

I think this is going to be okay...

Once again,  thanks so much.

Friday, April 15, 2011

...and we're off!!

This is going to be a simple run, not too complicated.
 It's going to be fun, it's going to hurt and it's not going to be easy.
 I've done this one before(a few times)so I'm know what I'm in for.
 I've trained specifically, loved every second of it and intend to have fun and put it all out there.
 We all know that that is the the best we can do.

I did read one review of the course from a man who had done it multiple times.  He remarked,  "...at this section of the marathon, the course will be sweet to you."
I keep playing that over in my mind,  I can't wait to get to the sweet spot!  I'll be thinking of you all then, smiling and remembering why I love to do what I do.  All of it.

It's OBVIOUS that our lives are NOT just running.
We have loving families.
We have BIG HEARTED, smart kids.
Shelter.  Food.  Clean water.
Remarkable friends.
Good reads, good eats and fun times.

This will be one of those fun times!

Relaxed pace, smiles, FOCUS and let it flow.

7:30 Pace...
I believe, I'm ready!

Thank you and GO Team Taper!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

You can't work full time, be a grandma, a wife, a friend, and a marathon runner all by yourself...

Sometimes it takes good friends.
Sometimes it takes a man who rubs your foot every night, never wants you to be anyone other than who you are and believes in you 100%.
Sometimes, it's the message you read in a blog www.charisawernick.blogspot.com.
Or an email from a blogger who you now call a good friend who knows perfectly well how you're feeling six days before your biggest race.
Sometimes it's the physio who nursed your through your last injury, knows your weak spots and continues to KILL you with his strength workouts...just to make your weaknesses stronger.
Sometimes support comes from the doctors/massage experts/chiros who know and BELIEVE that running is what you LOVE to do so they do everything to keep you moving forward.
Support is the track coach who yells SHAKE AND BAKE and tells you to relax.
Support might come dressed as the custodian at your school who once ran the major marathons and takes the time to walk you through what's important. He makes sure you're hydrating and resting.
Support is the guy from track who always seems to pop up in his car along my tempo run route and scream and honk or play his Willy Nelson really loud as I'm running.
Support  might come from your  mom who lost her husband 6 months ago but loves playing around on  the computer and can't wait to follow you in your race on line.
Support is a prayer, a wish, a hug, a loving thought going your way.

Have you noticed we can't do any l of this alone?

**thank you, thank you, thank you...everyone in my life for making this all possible**

Who deserves a BIG THANK YOU in your life today?

**Last marathon post with goal on Friday morning, before we leave for the plane!**


Monday, April 11, 2011

Trail Race AND a Marathon Pary!

Yesterday  was a gorgeous day for a trail race!  Sandy Pockets, His Mommy and I went down to cheer.  Sandy Pockets was chanting, "Grandpa, racing. Grandpa, racing," as we picked him up in front of their house.  He seems to love these early morning "playdates."
BS was 4th in his age group on a VERY hilly course...that sports the FINISH LINE on a hill. He looked great and had a FUN run.  We even saw ANNE, one of my favorite SD Blogging friends, she had a happy run as well!  Read her review here:www.blogger.com/profile/04377440606704745517

The marathon party was a HUGE success!! I think we should celebrate before every marathon!  We invited peeps from our Tuesday night track workout AND our Long Run Group. Some  friends from our LRG/track group  are running LONDON so I combined the BOSTON/London peeps and shared the marathon theme. There were over 30 of us celebrating our upcoming races...

   Just a "few" items from my BOSTON box which is in my closet...and I created a little BOston shrine on the mantel, complete with the "little" plaque BS surprised me with after my first Boston Marathon.  I usually keep it hidden away upstairs but the shrine seemed like the perfect place for it!  Notice my OLYMPIC QUALIFYING time.  I was fast back then.
Old running posters came in handy and I even strung my Boston bib numbers on a ribbon and hung them over the doorway.
The thermal wraps they give you after a race were used as valances and I hung my Boston medals over the "valances."
Yes, it looked tacky.
Yes, I was happy that I finally had a use for all of that STUFF that I've kept in my closet over the past five years.

Runway's Husband made a cool poster which the Boston runners signed and dared to "state their finishing times."  That was fun to read and I can't bring myself to take it down...nor the rest of the decorations.  I like the FESTIVE BOSTON MARATHON atmosphere although anyone who DIDN"T know me would think this was a CRAZY HOUSE...

These are the straggelers that stayed until late...
Boston and London Runners proving that we DO all get along...despite the razzing that Garth started on Face Book.

The LONDON POSSEE at the party is leaving on Thursday!


THANKS Chris Korn for the MANLY desserts, nudge-nudge!
I think I ate 4 or 5 of them all by myself as our RUNNING guru gave me the evil eye...
sorry Jim 

Chris knows how to a)party and b) pick out desserts.
He will be invited to ALL of our parties from now on.
I will have to RETHINK whether my gal pal, Gazelle will be invited to more parties...she showed up in her "marathon finest," a plastic bag and her Camelbak hydration backpack.
She also won the "Best English Accent Award."
Garth won for his best, "BOSTON" accent. 
Fun times.

So now,  we all settle down to rest, hydrate, live our lives and wait out the week.

Great job on your race, Honey.
Safe Travels Team London.
Enjoy the week, Team Taper...

Have a nice week everyone...

Can't Wait, Boston Friends.

Friday, April 8, 2011


So far I have succumbed to TAPER MADNESS in the following ways...

*my foot hurts(this may or may not be true)

*I have a cold(this may or may not be true)

*I have built a MUD KITCHEN in my backyard for Sandy Pockets(soon to be renamed, Muddy Paws).

*I have sprouted a few chin hairs(which is totally fine with me as I am of Scottish and Irish decent and  very secure with my heritage.  Everyone knows that Scotish women are tough and have ancestrial links to goats and other bearded animals and this makes for awesome trail running capabilities as well as running over rocks,  which I REALLY love to do-honestly).  BS was the first to find the "sprouts," for which I am eternally grateful. Could you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if one of my PRETZELS had found it?  MOR_TI_FY_ING! Ask me why I care what five year olds think and I won't answer. I honestly don't know.

How did the plucking GO DOWN?

In the Toyota truck.  BS leaned over and just grabbed the "short term visitors" and gave a jerk.
 Ouch! Please, ask before you pluck, He's "useful" like that.

 I guess it's time for the WORLD to know that I would never post pix of my tummy, boobs nor lips but hey,  BIG, STRONG quads and chin hairs are another thing.
I'm aging and I'm PROUD! ha, ha, right.

I will be pondering the following questions this week as I cut back on my running, play with Muddy Paws and get ready for our MARATHON PARTY on Saturday...

Why do my favorite RED JEANS smell like fish?  I can't wear FISH JEANS to Boston,

fish jeans=no friends, well, except for Daisy.
 She seems to like them.

**Several hours later, when editing this post,  I realized that I must have WASHED my red jeans with my FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS in the pocket, as I usually take my supplements at school at snack time.
 **silly me**

Finally, I am using the last paragraph to BLAB about my husband who is running an XTERRA trail race this SUnday and then,  an ultra two weeks from Saturday.  It's his first ultra and he has been training SO hard!  I can't wait to watch him work the hills and trails...HE IS READY!!

**Last final, random thought...why are my legs STILL so tired???  I feel like I should take ALL of next week off!!  Is this a


idea?  Please check one and explain your answer.

-thanks for stopping by and don't forget,  NO LIMITS. That's my new motto, Jenn!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pick Yourself Up and Keep Moving Forward...

Just a little something to keep you inspired and remind you of WHY you do what you do and WHY you should put your all into aspiring to reach each and every goal.   Never lose hope.  Never accept defeat.  Never give up.

I am going to be 46 soon and I've discovered that I have never felt SO ready to set new goals AND accomplish them.  No matter how BIG they might seem, I'm ready.    It's just the beginning really.

So go and be inspired.  If you fall, get back up.  Work even harder.
Have a great Wednesday...

*Special thanks to WYDNK for this ONE of a kind video.  You rock!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Was Lost but Here I Am!

Who would have known that my final post on my old blog was HELLO, GOODBYE! 
So strange...and yet, so true.
Here is the same old me,
the same old packaging,
starting afresh and keeping it real.
Will my OLD FRIENDS find me??
I'll be back to checking your blogs  and training this week,  At any rate, here I am once again. Cheese!

Boston Crunch Time is here!
No more tempos, no more long runs, no more rigorous training, just a whole lot of down time, 
I'm trying a new taper strategy this time around.   I have found that I NEVER stick with the same thing for any marathon and this one has been NO DIFFERENT!  
As per MARATHON TALK, , last Wednesday's episode,  I'm trying out the following tapering calendar:
Reduced last week's mileage by 25%!
This week back up to 75% of total mileage.
Final week before the marathon,  reduce to 30%.
I like this experiment because I always arrive on marathon day feeling slightly flat from reducing the mileage so drastically.
I'm hoping this new experiment works,  we will see very shortly, won't we?

Marathon Goals?
Hmmmm...these will NOT be a secret but they are still under wraps for now.  I'm feeling confident and ready for this race and really excited to push it to the limit.
This will be my last Boston unless BS qualifies in the fall.
It's up to you Babe!