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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Was Lost but Here I Am!

Who would have known that my final post on my old blog was HELLO, GOODBYE! 
So strange...and yet, so true.
Here is the same old me,
the same old packaging,
starting afresh and keeping it real.
Will my OLD FRIENDS find me??
I'll be back to checking your blogs  and training this week,  At any rate, here I am once again. Cheese!

Boston Crunch Time is here!
No more tempos, no more long runs, no more rigorous training, just a whole lot of down time, 
I'm trying a new taper strategy this time around.   I have found that I NEVER stick with the same thing for any marathon and this one has been NO DIFFERENT!  
As per MARATHON TALK, , last Wednesday's episode,  I'm trying out the following tapering calendar:
Reduced last week's mileage by 25%!
This week back up to 75% of total mileage.
Final week before the marathon,  reduce to 30%.
I like this experiment because I always arrive on marathon day feeling slightly flat from reducing the mileage so drastically.
I'm hoping this new experiment works,  we will see very shortly, won't we?

Marathon Goals?
Hmmmm...these will NOT be a secret but they are still under wraps for now.  I'm feeling confident and ready for this race and really excited to push it to the limit.
This will be my last Boston unless BS qualifies in the fall.
It's up to you Babe!


  1. So dense - I didn't realize that you were wiping out your blog with that last post! Glad you are still here, though. :)

  2. Cheers to the new! I found you! I can't wait to read about your goals and follow you to the end of the Boston story! I have a feeling it's going to have a great ending! Happy tapering!

  3. Hum....why am I confused? I clicked on the same link and it's the same address, is it not? Doesn't take much to confuse me though. :)

    Fingers crossed the new taper works!!


  4. i don't care what you call it - new or old blog. As long as it is still Meg. I couldn't blog without ya.

  5. It does not show me on the followers list but it certainly showed your link on the blogger dashboard. Let me follow you again.

  6. Looks like you were able to keep the same address...which means I didn't lose you :) Yay!

    Can I ask what made you decide to start afresh?

    Sounds like you know what you're doing to get ready for Boston!

  7. Meg, Good luck with your taper plan and your race. I'm so excited for you!! ENJOY!

  8. Im with Jill, confused. I see that you have a new look, but the rest appears the same to me. ????

    I'm the same way, have to try new things with the marathon training and tapering all the time. Keeps things fresh and interesting.

    You are ready! Excited for you my friend.

  9. Wow, only two weeks away. How exciting! I know you have trained hard and well and I think you will kick it! Taper is always an interesting time, eh? Hope your new strategy goes well and looking forward to those mysterious/not-so-msterious goals.

  10. Hooray for fresh starts!!

    Glad to see the new blog, Meg. I think you remember my do-over...a while back.

    I can't wait to see your Boston goal! And I hope your new improved taper works for me too! Here's to unconventional!!

  11. Hiya! I see I am missing from your follower list- I will re-follow you. Happy taper- hope this works well for you!

  12. Such a funny pic of SP in the storage tub rockin.
    Let's see, Hello to your new green blog, Goodbye to winter. Spring must finally be here.

  13. Who knows, if it works, maybe you'll keep the new plan!!! Didn't really catch on to the Hello Goodbye - just thought you were rocking a Beatles theme, until your blog was gone yesterday :-((

  14. I'm still with ya...did you delete the old blog posts to make room for more photos? I almost did that a couple months ago, but just decided to spend $$ for some extra storage.

    Glad you're still here!

  15. Found you! I think this is it Meg. I think THIS is the big one! Push it to the limit!

  16. You were still in my reader, thank goodness. You have become dear to me and I wouldn't miss your blog for the world.

    I love the new look, it's very refreshing!

    I like your taper approach and I think it's good to switch things and not doing the same everytime.

    And I bet this won't be your last Boston :) Guessing BS will BQ in fall.

  17. I love when things reach crunch time! You did all the hard work and will reap the awards. Enjoy the taper! I like the new blog!

  18. I went to your blog yesterday and it was gone. I almost cried. Now it is back but wiped out? I am so confused!!!!

  19. I like the new digs! I was wondering what happened yesterday when I couldn't get the old blog.

    Awesome that you are feeling so good! I like the taper plan. I'll be trying something new (less taper) this time around... especially after smoking a marathon over the weekend on NO taper. Certainly has my wheels turning...

  20. i want to know your goals!! seriously BS QUALIFY!

    my mom was just talking to me last night about how excited she is to meet you in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

  21. You can't get rid of me *that* easily!

  22. I'm missing from your followers list but your post still came up in my reader. So yay for that. Glad you are feeling ready and hope you enjoy your last Boston.

  23. yeah you're still at the same website for me too (so you may still have 'issues'?) i am glad you are back though. i need some meg (and sp!) in my life!! :)

  24. BS is a frigging shoe-in to BQ. Puh-leaze. The guy runs circles around me and so if I can do it, he can do it. Easily. Oh, and this time he can't come out running at a 3:15 pace. Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

  25. Meg I would have loved to come over and pick your social clothes for Boston.

    I'm not a real fashion expert but I do love clothes and matching outfits (goes as far as the lingerie :) )

  26. Really excited to hear the goals. Which i KNOW you will meet each and every one!

  27. Still not sure why you changed blogs but yay for fresh starts! I'm still not on your blog roll though. :)