I run happy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Welcome All Change in My Life

My husband has a new jacket,  I'll call him Fred.  Actually, I call "him" Fred Gray.  The jacket, not my husband.  It was  a pricey little thing.  My son calls the brand,  Padi-Gucci.  I'll let you take a guess at this adventure clothing company's  real name.  I sold jewelry,  running medals and a few other favors to pay for this jacket.  Well, not THIS jacket.  I actually bought a much COOLer version, a lime green version, a trail jacket version.  Fred Gray's owner wasn't impressed.  The jacket was tricked out, ultra running style.  It had breathing flaps, built in hand warmers and did I mention the COLOR?   Lime green!!  Definitely a safe color for the road or trails.

You know where this is going if you can even follow this at all...MY HUSBAND returned the "Carl Lewis" of all running jackets that I GAVE HIM for Christmas for the less "flashy" jacket, Fred Gray.

Some things will never change.  My husband loves gray.
I love bright green.
He will wear Fred Gray until he has holes in the elbows.
I will continue to introduce color into his running wardrobe.
Somethings will never change.

On the other hand,  lots of things DO change.  LOTS OF THINGS.

For instance, we no longer have an empty house with two free rooms.

I am no longer "injury" free.
  Yes, I said it.  With three weeks to go until my marathon,  my condition CHANGED and I suddenly had a "calf" issue.
Seven days later, seven days without running,  I'm back on the road to the Carlsbad Marathon and just in time for taper.

I'm either going to LOVE THIS MARATHON because of this massive REST  or wish that I had opted  for Sedona or another race.

What I've realized about change is this...

CHANGE HAPPENS AND YOU  HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT!  GO WITH IT.  TRUST and LOOK FOR THE LESSON without questioning what is going on around you.  Move forward and expect the best.

How do you handle change?

Have fun running,