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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Welcome All Change in My Life

My husband has a new jacket,  I'll call him Fred.  Actually, I call "him" Fred Gray.  The jacket, not my husband.  It was  a pricey little thing.  My son calls the brand,  Padi-Gucci.  I'll let you take a guess at this adventure clothing company's  real name.  I sold jewelry,  running medals and a few other favors to pay for this jacket.  Well, not THIS jacket.  I actually bought a much COOLer version, a lime green version, a trail jacket version.  Fred Gray's owner wasn't impressed.  The jacket was tricked out, ultra running style.  It had breathing flaps, built in hand warmers and did I mention the COLOR?   Lime green!!  Definitely a safe color for the road or trails.

You know where this is going if you can even follow this at all...MY HUSBAND returned the "Carl Lewis" of all running jackets that I GAVE HIM for Christmas for the less "flashy" jacket, Fred Gray.

Some things will never change.  My husband loves gray.
I love bright green.
He will wear Fred Gray until he has holes in the elbows.
I will continue to introduce color into his running wardrobe.
Somethings will never change.

On the other hand,  lots of things DO change.  LOTS OF THINGS.

For instance, we no longer have an empty house with two free rooms.

I am no longer "injury" free.
  Yes, I said it.  With three weeks to go until my marathon,  my condition CHANGED and I suddenly had a "calf" issue.
Seven days later, seven days without running,  I'm back on the road to the Carlsbad Marathon and just in time for taper.

I'm either going to LOVE THIS MARATHON because of this massive REST  or wish that I had opted  for Sedona or another race.

What I've realized about change is this...

CHANGE HAPPENS AND YOU  HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT!  GO WITH IT.  TRUST and LOOK FOR THE LESSON without questioning what is going on around you.  Move forward and expect the best.

How do you handle change?

Have fun running,


  1. Oh our friend change...we're never ready for her but we always have to be ready for her! Glad you're going into this with an open mind and heart! Great seeing you tonight:)

  2. You will rock at Carlsbad. After my CIM marathon training experience, I am a firm believer in prolonged taper. Of course I was not racing, I just wanted to finish.
    Lime green rocks!!!

    As for change, I am good with it. My problems start when I try to change things and do not succeed. Then I have internal tantrums.

  3. Green is good, but I've noticed I've been added gray to my wardrobe, too. Hoping the rest will do you good!

  4. oh...amen. I actually have this as a 2012 goal to not worry about things and accept changes as in he end I can't control everything and bad/good things WILL happen.
    I love the green..and I am not a flashy person either..

  5. I don't mind change, but I prefer more of a stable environment. I try and cope with it, but it is what it is. I would actually love to have a lime green running coat. I actually was going to get a bright orange one to match with ant, but haven't since. I welcome colors, just nothing that looks like vomit. hahaha. BTW, ant is doing very good. Take care.

  6. I'm with you..love color and change...my husband...doesn't love either!

  7. BS has been hanging out too much with one old time blogger Chris K.! Oh how I tried to talk Chris into the Lime Green shirt when he was in Denver. Oh no, black it was! I'll be sure to wear all my bright colors when I come visit NEXT WEEK, hopefully BS will not throw me out :).

    I hope that angry calf behaves himself on the 22nd. It's so crazy how our aches and pains seem to just pop up whenever we think we're in the clear. Next time, Megsie, don't announce it on blogland, it's a sure-thing that something will happen (that's just my superstitious side speaking!).

    Can't wait to see ya!!

  8. change? one thing i learned over the years - b who u b. b consistant. the world is always changing, and there is much to learn from it all. yet, i will always b me through it all.

    I was thinking Sedona for next year (umm this year), or Tucson again. Sedona has some sneaky hills though.

    i am going through an orange and black phase in my running attire.

  9. Change? I complain a lot -- not one of my better qualities. But then I usually go with the flow.

    That pic in your header of your grandson in the arm warmers and shoes is absolutely adorable!!! What a cutie pie.

    I do hope Carlsbad ends up being a race you love...but your attitude is good so regardless it does sound like you'll have a good time.

  10. Go into the marathon forgetting about the injury and embrace the rest. You never know what might happen. I definitely believe that change is a four-letter word, but it makes us tough and resilient! Hang on for the ride. You seem to be on quite the roller coaster.

  11. I generally don't like bright jackets. I can do bright shirts, but not a jacket. I have this nenon orange one, and just don't like to stand out that much! So i vote for Fred

  12. It depends on what change it is. Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders then move on. Sometimes I have a mini tantrum then move on. And sometimes (like recently when my eldest broke up with his girlfriend who I love) I cry for a day then move on. Change is definitely inevitable and no matter how we feel about it we just have to accept it and move on.

  13. I usually talk shit about it for a while and then realize it's usually best to just give in and make the best of it. Assuming it really is a good change of course.

    Padi-Gucci...lol...very clever.

    Blech about your calf! but I think your going to LOVE this marathon because of the massive rest!

  14. Had to laugh at this. I love flashy fun colors but my husband certainly does not! Oh well!

    How do I handle change? I like to think okay but that is not always the case.

  15. How do you handle change... Kicking and screaming, or not very well at all ;-) Sorry to hear about the 'issue' but you seem to be rolling with it pretty well. As far as Fred Gray, not for me. Definitely need some colors :)

  16. I've learned to accept change, especially when it comes to injury, since pouting does absolutely nothing for me. :) I shift gears and find something else to do until I can run again. Well, at least I try to find something else...

    Take care!

  17. Oh Meg. Change - and taking it in and taking it on and responding to it - it's the key I think. You're doing great there. Go out and have the best run you can have - you are going to do great - most of the time enforced rest ADDS to our performance.

  18. My hub loves color more than I do. He never buys something black for example, his favorite color is red. Guess I'm the grey one with clothes especially during Winter. But he's right and I'm adding more color to my wardrobe.

    Change is part of our life and you can either resist it and make it difficult for yourself or go with the flow and adjust your life to fit the change in.

  19. It's funny how most of us hate change but want change? Especially in others! Best of luck in your upcoming race....you will do great Megster!!

  20. Love the new header photo with SP. josh is a fuddy-dud with clothes too -- very particular. He did keep a lime green polo shirt I bought him though, at least. Good thing your house didn't sell quick so that you were able to let SP and his mom stay with you when their needs changed! Glad your injury didn't last long!!

  21. So sorry to read about the calf! I feel your pain- I have also found myself hurting right before my marathon. Bummer. Hope we both recover quickly and at least enjoy the race. You have a lot of training behind you and I know you will do great! LOVE the new photo of SP on your banner. Just so cute!

  22. Oh boy...as I read this is have been dealing with some calf "feelings" and thinking "I really need to go get a massage before this blows up". I am praying that yours mends during your taper.
    I still think you have a great race ahead of you in carlsbad!

    My husband really prefers the neutral colors too. Gray, black, jeans..that's about it.

  23. HA! You know I'm with you on the color... but yes, why do some people go for the gray? GRAY. It's so... bleah! I have been know to really like rich browns, I confess, I don't see much running gear in brown. It's always BLACK or colors.

    Take care of that rebel calf! Geez, what is up with us mid-40s girls & our issues? I'm having a wicked plantar fasc flare-up right now... & I'm not even training that hard! Annoying, ain't? Good luck on your upcoming marathon, calf be darned!

  24. I don't care for change AT ALL. I get really comfy with my "same ole, same ole" routine. I'm thinking my hubby wouldn't do the bright green either.....

    bummer about the calf issues. I'm hoping the taper madness hasn't taken over, and your calf is healed, and you are READY to RAce. Good Luck Meg! Strong Heart Strong Mind

  25. Pretty much I handle change kicking and screaming. How could one NOT love lime green? Best color ever! :D
    SOrry to hear about the calf. I still think you'll totally rock this weekend and probably lap me as I trudge thru the half. Mother Nature willing, I cannot wait to see you!

  26. Hi Meg, saw some Carlsbad pics on Marcia's blog. Hope all is well. Tell B.S. to contact me if he ever goes to Daley Ranch.

  27. I love green, but I love pink more. And I love black even more than that! Sorry to hear about your injury. Good luck in Carlsbad!!!

  28. I'm with you: Lime Green = Good, Grey = Gag. Actually Grey isn't too bad, just not much fun. You don't stand out in it.

  29. So good to hear from you again Meg! Green suits you. Injuries are the pits.

  30. I like lime green :)

    Change does happen.

    I hope you are healthy again soon, I know you will be. Hang in there.

  31. Meg! I'm just stopping by to say hi and that I hope everything is okay with you. Take care!