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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sparkle Pants Has Some Big Guns!

Watch grandma babysit Sparkle Pants.
Watch her dress him up in the dog's Halloween Princess Dress(he asked).
Watch grandma settle on cutting up her old socks and making arm warmers for Sparkle Pants(yes, he asked).
Watch Sparkle Pants take off his shirt for running(yes, that's how we run and roll here in San Diego on December 27)and step into Grandpa's WONDER shoes.  Actually,  Gpa is often  HASSLED when he wears these...the running dudes call them his CHARGER shoes.  That's NOT a compliment around here anymore.
Watch grandma take two dozen pictures of Sparkle Pants acting cute and kiss him  a zillion times in between photo  shots.
Grandma needs to go back to school to entertain herself.

Several days ago I announced that my marathon training was almost ready to be declared OVER and that TAPERING would be my next project.  There were so many OTHER things I wanted to say about training and some of you commented on sharing my similar training philosophy this time around...

Develop a base for training hard by going slower on your
long runs!

Let your body rest from the two to three hard workouts a week by doing your light days very, very SLOWLY!

Eat an apple or other carb and a little protein right after your hard workouts, it will help with recovery!

Finally,  using a heart rate monitor will help you keep these runs slow which  will definitely help you recover quicker and stay injury free.

I still have two more hard workouts before my tapering but I had to let the cat out of the bag.... 


It's a miracle really.  Then again, no.  It's just running smarter and not going crazy with speed and trusting the training.  

** I do have ONE secret weapon that SANTA brought BS and I for Christmas and it has also helped us recover from the usual aches and pains.  More on this $$WEAPON of CHOICE$$ soon .

Run for fun!


  1. sorry about the chargers. i thought they were Boston Marathon shoes for a moment, than realized they are probably trail shoes.

    we will be at Carlsbad as well. kids run at legoland and playing there afterwards. This will be an interesting HM for me. Especially since i have Phx RR the weekend before.


  2. oh Meg I'm so happy to hear that you are going into this marathon with no injuries!! Yay! I think there is surely something to be said about the very very slow runs...I've been trying this out a lot more now that I'm increasing my mileage like never before. I do doubles a lot and there are some runs in the mornings that I run close to 10 min mile pace. My base pace has also slowed considerably from last time I trained. But my longer runs and speedier days have been strong. OH, and the apple thing...yes! I have never read about it but my gut has told me to grab and apple after my harder runs and last time I included some cottage cheese with it. Felt great. :) Love the pic here of sparkle pants! :) I want San Diego weather! It has actually been really nice here but the rain is starting back up. boo. Hope you have a great race Meg! Run strong and enjoy!

  3. I'm going to have SP teach me some weight lifting so I can have some awesome guns like that when I come and visit! Do you think he can get me all trained and ready to run Carlsbad hard in a half day? I hope so!

    I can't tell you how great it is to hear how healthy you are and ready to ROCK Carlsbad! I think a lot of your cross country speedwork really came into play here and then you just got to get in some quality long runs and all is good :).

    Looking forward to seeing you! Hope you and the family had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. That is just one damn cute boy. :)

    So happy to hear you're going into the marathon uninjured. How wonderful to know it's possible!

  5. Sparkle pants is adorable! So happy to hear you're feeling good!

  6. Well, now I am all excited for your secret weapon!!

    Great training advice, Meg. I couldn't agree more.

    Hope you enjoy going back to work! Sparkle pants is adorable. Love the arm warmers!!

  7. He is just so cute! Why would you want to go back to work when you have this living toy at home to play with?! And what big feet Grandpa has.

  8. He's so adorable, I see a fast runner in him in a couple of years. He has a great example.

    I'm so happy for you that this marathon training has been injury free. One of the things I'm going to work on next year is going slower on my long runs too.

  9. such a sweet grandma.....

    it's amazing what you have accomplished with injuries. I've found over the past year+, as my mileage went higher and higher, my easy runs were slower and slower. I didn't mind because it allowed me to be on target for my quality days.

    Can't wait to hear about the new gadget....sounds like yoga , lol :)

  10. Welcome to the gun show ;) Enjoy your taper - so excited that you have been running injury free - WOO HOO!

  11. Love your pic of sparkle pants. Cute.

  12. SP is so darn adorable I can hardly stand it! (and getting so big!). The arm-warmers are killing me :-))

    Yay on a whole training season with no injuries!

  13. Way too cute!
    Can you imagine what fun you are going to have running your marathon uninjured? Good training advice!

  14. Run for Fun. I love it. I am so happy that your marathon training is going well. Im late commenting, but hope your last 2 hard runs went well. Thanks for the tid bits. BTW, Mr. Ant and I are great. Take care Meg

  15. looking forward to an awesome marathon result...