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Monday, April 11, 2011

Trail Race AND a Marathon Pary!

Yesterday  was a gorgeous day for a trail race!  Sandy Pockets, His Mommy and I went down to cheer.  Sandy Pockets was chanting, "Grandpa, racing. Grandpa, racing," as we picked him up in front of their house.  He seems to love these early morning "playdates."
BS was 4th in his age group on a VERY hilly course...that sports the FINISH LINE on a hill. He looked great and had a FUN run.  We even saw ANNE, one of my favorite SD Blogging friends, she had a happy run as well!  Read her review here:www.blogger.com/profile/04377440606704745517

The marathon party was a HUGE success!! I think we should celebrate before every marathon!  We invited peeps from our Tuesday night track workout AND our Long Run Group. Some  friends from our LRG/track group  are running LONDON so I combined the BOSTON/London peeps and shared the marathon theme. There were over 30 of us celebrating our upcoming races...

   Just a "few" items from my BOSTON box which is in my closet...and I created a little BOston shrine on the mantel, complete with the "little" plaque BS surprised me with after my first Boston Marathon.  I usually keep it hidden away upstairs but the shrine seemed like the perfect place for it!  Notice my OLYMPIC QUALIFYING time.  I was fast back then.
Old running posters came in handy and I even strung my Boston bib numbers on a ribbon and hung them over the doorway.
The thermal wraps they give you after a race were used as valances and I hung my Boston medals over the "valances."
Yes, it looked tacky.
Yes, I was happy that I finally had a use for all of that STUFF that I've kept in my closet over the past five years.

Runway's Husband made a cool poster which the Boston runners signed and dared to "state their finishing times."  That was fun to read and I can't bring myself to take it down...nor the rest of the decorations.  I like the FESTIVE BOSTON MARATHON atmosphere although anyone who DIDN"T know me would think this was a CRAZY HOUSE...

These are the straggelers that stayed until late...
Boston and London Runners proving that we DO all get along...despite the razzing that Garth started on Face Book.

The LONDON POSSEE at the party is leaving on Thursday!


THANKS Chris Korn for the MANLY desserts, nudge-nudge!
I think I ate 4 or 5 of them all by myself as our RUNNING guru gave me the evil eye...
sorry Jim 

Chris knows how to a)party and b) pick out desserts.
He will be invited to ALL of our parties from now on.
I will have to RETHINK whether my gal pal, Gazelle will be invited to more parties...she showed up in her "marathon finest," a plastic bag and her Camelbak hydration backpack.
She also won the "Best English Accent Award."
Garth won for his best, "BOSTON" accent. 
Fun times.

So now,  we all settle down to rest, hydrate, live our lives and wait out the week.

Great job on your race, Honey.
Safe Travels Team London.
Enjoy the week, Team Taper...

Have a nice week everyone...

Can't Wait, Boston Friends.


  1. Awesome stuff! There is so much to celebrate in just getting to the starting line! I love and must adopt this concept. Enjoy the week...

  2. Hey!
    First, freakin' LOVE Boston Beans! Hope you mowed on those all night long at your party!

    And what a great party! I wanna come!;-)

    Will be thinking of you for Boston girl;-)

  3. I love this!! A really great idea! You are such a cool lady :)

  4. Ha! This if wonderful! okay, I am confused about your blog...did you move because I missed this and I see that I'm not one of your "followers" now. What is up? Glad I noticed tis because you're one of my top 5 favs to "follow"...I don't like that word really but whatever. ;) This looks like such a fun party. I love the sign comment "Boston if for those who can't get in London"...those are fighting words. :) :) Chris did a good job with the desserts!
    I'm so excited for you. How many Bostons have you done and what is your best time Ms. Modest who doesn't self promote? :) I want to know. I guess I could google you and find out. Okay, off to "follow" you and figure out what happened to your other site or past posts.

  5. Woo hoo! Party! Excellent guest list I might say. This is going to be a crazy week, waiting and waiting for the weekend to come. I am so proud of you Meg. You are my hero. And wow, BS did a knock out job on the trail race, well done! xoxo

  6. Great way to get everything rolling for the big race Meg! And congrats to BS for an awesome trail race!

  7. Ha! Love the new header.

    Congrats to BS!! And how cute is SP with the Grandpa chant! AWW!

    Boston Marathon party looks so fun! Awesome idea. And those desserts?? Yes please!

  8. What a great party and what a great idea to celebrate it. After all the hard work everybody put in to run either Boston or London it's the perfect ending of a training period.

    Do you have plans to run London yourself Meg? If so please let me know, I would love to support you, London is an hour of flying for me. What I could even swim the North Sea to get there LOL

  9. i want to go to your party! and or i want my friends to throw me this party..i think ill forward them the link to your blog post now with the subject line "hint hint"

  10. Whoot! Whoot! what a fun party or should I say pahty! This is going to be a crazy week of waiting. Just pahk your little self in front of a plate of spaghetti and enjoy every moment:) What an accomplishment you have achieved already. I am so excited for you Meg! And Kudos to BS for the 4th place finish! well done! Cheering you on!!!!

  11. How FUN!! What a great idea!!! and nice work on the tail run to BS!! Looking forward to seeing you in just a few short days! Hopefully i will randomly see you several times throughout the city like last year! safe travels! xoxo

  12. How much fun was that?! I wish I lived nearby. And nice of you to invite poor Chris K. ; )

    I'm sending you big hugs and well wishes for an awesome Boston!!!

  13. Fun fun party. Can tell you have some K teacher deep in your blood with the whole heartedness of jumping into a theme!

  14. OH MY GOSH MEG!!! I LOVE THIS!! i love the bib banner and the signs and everything. um HELLO SPEEDSTER! 2:45!!! gahh this is great home decor. best party theme ever!

  15. I love this..it is such a great idea. We celebrate post...I like PRE!

  16. So good to see you on Sunday and meet the family. And so glad to hear Steve did so well. Your party looks like it was indeed fabulous. (Never had any doubts it would be anything but!)

  17. CONGRATS to BS!!!!

    Looks like such a great party! How fun and WHO knew you had a 2:45 in you-ha ha! ROCKSTAR

    Seriously, I'm so excited for you Meg! Lots of bloggers heading out to Boston and I'm cheering for ALL of them but you and Raina are the first two in my "stalk" pile! Listen, and I promise you'll hear me screaming every time you cross a timing mat!! Have fun-no limits-big things!!

  18. What a fun time. OMG those desserts! And you really know how to decorate. Martha Stewart got nothing on you :-)

    Safe trip to my side of the country. I'll be cheering you from the sideline between miles 2 thru 4 (Ashland MA area)! Wish I had a cowbell... but I don't... so I'll clap & whistle the whole time. GO MEG! Good luck!

  19. Looks like a blast! So excited for you. I'll be thinking of you this weekend too. I'll try to send you some pre-race zenness. And I don't think their will be wine :(

  20. Note to self: Invite Chris to parties.


    It looks like a good time was had by all!

    Holy cow, you were fast!

  21. That's awesome, Meg!! I loved every second reading this. Wish I were there but I will be cheering for my old roomie - listen for me, ok?

    Good luck!! Have a blast. Don't get side-tracked at Condom World!! ;)


  22. What a fun, fun party - you guys are a hoot! Good luck, enjoy the race, and whatever you do, bring back your shoe inserts!

  23. YES! I am on the permanent short list. Do I have to up the dessert ante every time though?

    Guess what? I decided to run LJ Half on Sunday.

    That was a great party. Thank you again Meg. I was honored to be invited.

  24. Nice! Have fun in beantown. I'm looking forward to pictures and reports!