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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Boston Skinny...

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for your emails, texts and wishes.  I've been licking my wounds and just trying to chill from the WEEKEND of many issues and "special" events.

First off, I have to congratulate those Boston runners who did such a great job and had such wonderful races.  I was inspired through your training and your racing, it is truly a treat to be a blogger and to learn from everyone else out there.  Thanks for sharing your fun, your secrets and your training. You all inspire, thanks for that...

If anyone is out there reading this,  I have to say that this may be LONG and boring but if there's one thing I can say about blogging, it is therapeutic and more than once, it has helped me through a rough patch with parenting, running and just living.  THANKS to those of you who share your advice, I appreciate you all!!  Basically, I'm saying that this post is more for ME than you.  We'll see how much I delete before pushing PUBLISH POST...

All my training for this race happened in 11 weeks.  Previously, I had been injured at NYC but I did finish that race and ran it well, despite my planter facitis pain which later, turned into IT BAND pain, tendon pain, etc.  I rested for 7 weeks and felt strong enough to tackle Boston.  The training went better than ever, faster than ever and I was truly ready for this race.  The 11 weeks went by quickly.

The race started off well.  I looked for fellow bloggers in my corral but no one looked familiar. My plan was to start off slower than my goal pace and just let my body warm up.  It is always very crowded and boxed in at the beginning of this race but I liked the idea of taking it easy and picking up the pace as the crowd dispersed a bit.  This really didn't happen as quickly as I would have liked but it did keep me from going out too fast. I felt rested, happy and calm about this race and it was just a great start with some awesome, sunny and semi-warm weather.

Hmmm...that feeling of RAINBOWS, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM and SUNSHINE lasted about 13-14 miles.  At about this point,  I started to get a strange burning sensation along the top of my foot(yes, the evil foot).  I had never felt this type of pain so I just kind of ignored it, thinking it was something temporary.  Silly me.  Every two miles(every med tent),  I was able to get some type of deep tissue work so that I could actually walk and get back out on the course.  The final med tent happened to have a physio who reminded me of B. from B Project, the place where BS and I go for strength training and physio work.  This volunteer tweaked my foot which had seized up from the toes to the shins,  and suddenly everything felt better...until I hit the road and it happened again.

OK, at this point I had a decision to make.
I knew I couldn't hit my desired pace.  I had tried and it just made the pain much worse. Jogging anywhere between 9:00-11:00 was all I could do.
Could I endure 9 to 10 more miles at that pace?

Truly, I'm no hero but I am tough so I knew that quitting wasn't an option.  Suddenly, I changed my focus to the other people around me, their journeys, their stories and the run took on another flavor.

Sure, it wasn't what I had intended to have happen.  It wasn't "the plan."  But I've learned over the years that MY PLAN is sometimes insignificant.  I can put a dream or a goal out there, do my best to pull it off, work hard and embrace the experience but the outcomes are sometimes HUGE SURPRISES,  UNEXPECTED and many times, OUT OF MY CONTROL.  Imagine that.

The Boston Play Book was different this year.  I walked away with some FUN memories of stalking the elites at the expo,  dining with track club friends, eating some incredible meals,  meeting some very special bloggers,  and running with some very inspiring people. No regrets.

I returned home LATE TUesday night,  woke up at 5:45 a.m. and hit the ground running again,  It has been RODEO DAYS this week with the Pretzels and ponies, ducks hatching, and campfire sing alongs have filled our days.  I haven't had a ton of time to even think about last Monday....which is probably a good thing.

The Pretzels Milk the Saw Horse COw...that's how we roll in Urban California!
I let goats eat kids' hair...it's so entertaining!  Even Cowgirl R. thinks it's funny.  Two weeks before spring break she cut her own hair at home(oops!),  how is she going to explain this one to her mom?

Where will I go from here?

I saw my physio B. and he worked on my seized up foot for an hour and a half.  It was the most painful work I've ever had done but it feels better!  I can even give a three mile trot a try tomorrow and I'll go from there.

Chris K. from The Manly Runner has challenged me to a 5k race on May 14th so I am determined to heal up by then.

I think this is going to be okay...

Once again,  thanks so much.


  1. Sorry Plan A didn't work out Meg - but at least you were willing to go Plan B and roll with it! Good memories are worth it - we're still proud of your run!!!! Have a great week :)

  2. Hmmm..I missed you somewhere in wave 2 I think. What corral were you in? I had my first experience with the whole bottleneck thing. Why do I feel the need to get past everyone when it is impossible to?

    I saw some inspiring runners on the course too. A few blind runners.

    I hope your foot is doing a lot better, Meg. And that your heart is finding peace tonight.

    Love the cowboys :) That's worth coming home to.

  3. Ahhh, I love your reflections Meg! So wonderful that you were able to experience and appreciate something great and unexpected despite the fact that things didn't turn out the way you had planned. I love how you live life Meg! Sorry to hear about your foot..I can only imagine what that must have taken to continue on and finish the race anyway. And what fabulous things you have to return home to! Love it. Oh, and I say, give that manly runner a run for his money! :)
    Thank you for sharing your reflections and experience with us Meg. I always learn something from you and you always have a way of making it easier to see the Magic that life has to offer! xo

  4. Meg, you are amazing! I am so inspired by you and your willingness to go with the flow and to not let those things-that happen when you've got other plans stand in the way of having fun and living in the moment.

    And shoot...a 9 - 11 minute pace? You could run with me!

    Take care! See you soon! Wish I could run in Encinitas with you and Chris K (but life's giving me another plan for that day)

  5. What? I told you not to see B. He's no good and won't help you.

    See you May 14th. I'll be ready. I hope you will. This will be an epic battle to be sure. Since you are so much younger than me, how much extra time are you giving me?

    You have an awesome attitude about Boston. It happens to the best of us.

  6. Meg congrats on rocking Boston! I think you rocked. You had to adjust your initial plan but you didn't give up.

    I can't tell you how good it felt for me reading this post. I've got my first half marathon coming up next Monday and the weather is much warmer than expected this time of year. It's freaking me out because I can't stand the heat very well, not only at running but always.

    But reading your post I know I might have to adjust during the run but I will finish!

    I really love your positive attitude about this.

    Again congrats for nailing it!

  7. You're so right. Boston is so special no matter how one runs it. Sorry your foot was ornery and you had to move to plan B but flexibility is everything right? Plus I'm sure you're saving yourself for that 5k!

  8. Sorry it didn't go as planned, but as usual, you knew to enjoy the experience anyways. Hope it heals quickly and that you can enjoy being back out there Meg.

  9. Meg! Was it you that talked to me in the med tent? I was a little messed up right then... and I couldn't figure much out b/ of the hypothermia... but I think it was you!

  10. Meg, I totally get the therapeutic thing! I hope writing it all out has helped you work through it even more. Another chapter in the book!

    Congratulations on pushing through and finishing another Boston. It may not have been your day for the "A" goal but it sounds like you made the most of it out there, which is what it's all about.

    I hope your foot heals up quick!!

  11. good job, Meg! :) Sometimes it's all about the experience more than the plan!

  12. "The pretzels milk the sawhorse cow!" Well, you still manage to make me laugh-ha!

    I've thought of you SO many times since Monday. I'm putting myself in your shoes in this post and imagining not only the physical but the mental struggle with 10 miles to go. You ARE tough Meg. I just love your attitude, your tenacity!!! You certainly DID control the things you could control and when the unexpected hit, you still conquered and didn't back down. Truly, I would have expected nothing less from you.

    So glad you had a great time with the rest of the Boston experience!!! BS's turn to qualify so we can have you back!!! And WOWZA, super congrats to J.

    OK-I'm excited to see you rock out this 5K! I never thought I would say it, but I think I might just like the 5K.....Heal up Meg, your heart AND your foot and hit the ground chasing the BIG things that are still in store for you!!!

  13. Meg, I'm so sorry. I saw your results and knew something went wrong. I wanted to reach out to you, but I also thought maybe you wanted some space on it.

    Your such an amazing athlete. Not becuase of your physical strenght and speed, but because of your mental strenght. I'm blessed to know you!

    So what the hell is wrong with your foot?

  14. Hi Megsie...

    Since we've talked some since Boston, I won't go on blubbering more words to you other than I hope you know how much you inspire me DAILY!

    Enjoy your rodeo kiddos, smile big every day, and keep me posted how things are going. And you'd better kick Chris K's booty!!

  15. I know the feeling well, not from a particular injury, just sometimes my body refuses to hold the pace (or my mind ???). Anyway, I always have a motto to find the good in the day, and you did that as well. Yes, sometimes we are still disappointed, but holding on to the good things about the day, is so much better than the alternative. That's what we love about you!

    5k training up next - woo hoo! Love it! (I just started wk 1 of an 8 wk, 5k plan.)

    Hope the foot is ok.

  16. Hi Meg, I tracked you and thoughts about my Boston last year come to mind, and I was right. So sorry about this. Please know that all the preparation you put into this marathon was not wasted, and it will help you during your next marathon. I can also say that having a rough race at Boston last year was one of the best things in the end;it took the pressure off of my racing, and I think helped me achieve more than I would have otherwise (I think!).

  17. Proud of what you did accomplish! I am sure you will be out there with Chris K. Love the photos of your students. Let them help you heal!

  18. Meg, thanks for sharing your Boston journey from beginning to end. I'm sorry that your race didn't go as planned, but as usual you find the best in everything and everyone and made the best of the experience. I hope your foot learns to behave and that your next adventure sticks to plan A. Take care!

  19. Hope the foot issue heals quickly. And you have a great attitude toward what it was and what it could be. Not to mention what it will be again.

  20. Sounds like you had a great experience Meg! It always seems like at the worst/hardest races you can come away with the best stories! Hope your foot heals soon!:)

  21. You are my hero Meg, not because you are a fantastic runner (which you are) but because you embody the true nature of being an athlete. There is no failure for you only a different road to travel and all routes have something important and inspirational to teach us, I learned that from you!

  22. what they said - heal your heart and your foot. you're tops in my book.

  23. Wow, you are a serious, serious trooper, girl.


    Speedy healing!

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  25. I can't believe that happened to you. Wierd stuff. I have never heard of that happening. You are one tough runner for turning things around and focusing on everything but your race.

  26. So awesome that you turned the day around & made the best of it. Very few people would ever think of that. You will be back.

  27. i'm sorry the race didn't go well - i know how it is to be 'stuck' in a race for (way) longer than anticipated and feeling crappy (or in your case, in pain). :( hope you are resting up and the foot is feeling better everyday! i am so glad you spotted me at the airport!! i'm sorry i was a little ditzy at first, haha :)

  28. Usually the temporary pains are only ...temporary but you were not lucky, I am sorry. However you succeeded in finding the best also in that situation.
    Get well soon.

  29. I wish you had a better race but I am not surprised at all by your resiliency- way to go Meg; sometimes we don't get the race we want, but you stayed on course and made it a new race that worked for you!

    I am only sad we didnt meet!!!!

  30. amazing that our bodies don't always follow the plan, especially with all the time we give them to get ready :) so glad you were able to regroup and find a new way to make it a race to remember

  31. You did great with how the day turned out, well done! Your attitude during the race was right and it still is. Rest well and take care of that foot. Everything has positives surrounding it and you are able to spot that. All the best!

  32. I am sorry your plan A did not work, but it sounds like plan B got you through. Sometimes looking outward is the best thing to do. I hope your physio keeps doing great work and your foot feels better.

  33. Dear Meg,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday. It made me cry and makes me cry everytime I read it again.

    Love you too!

  34. Sorry it wasn't the race you were hoping for, Meg. You are one tough lady though! I did look up your time after and I was a little worried but i figured it was your foot. I hope you are feeling better now. I ended up going into Corral 6 because i knew i would not be running faster than 3:40 so i wanted to start back a bit more, i didn't want to go out too fast with people who were trying for much faster. SOrry we missed each other. Wedding is 1 month from tomorrow!!! Hugs!!

  35. "But I've learned over the years that MY PLAN is sometimes insignificant" Wow Meg can I tell you reading this recap had me choked up...your attitude is amazing, but somehow the more I get to know you through blogging this does not surprise me. I know it was not the race you had hoped for, not the race you truly were ready for, but it none-the-less defines you and your ever inspiring toughness that makes us all stand on the side line cheering you on and relishing in the journey you are teaching. {{{hugs}}}

  36. Hmm. 10 miles on a bum foot? What an animal! Way to get it done, *but* I really hope you're able to figure your foot out! Congrats on an awesome run in Boston.

  37. Sorry about the foot! That really rots but good for you for gutting it out. I hope you heal up well and bust out that 5K!

  38. I'm all about the plan "B." :) I'm glad you turned it into a good experience!

  39. I'm sorry things didn't go as planned. Oh how our bodies sometimes have other plans for us! But can I just say how much I ADMIRE your spirit and you attitude? You are an inspiration Meg!

  40. I'm sorry that the race didn't go as planned, but oh how I love the way you switched gears and truly enjoyed the event - you really are very inspirational to this cranky injured runner.

  41. Just checking in on your Boston experience. Although it wasn't quite what you wanted, it is great you got to experience the rainbows, chocolate ice cream and sunshine for the time that you did and that you shifted your focus when you had to. That must've been tough to do! I'm glad you got to go, nonetheless. You amaze me again!