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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Groovin the Recovery in Bullets!!

I bounce back well.

 How to recover from  a bad marathon and stay sane...

*get an hour and a half treatment on the bad foot.  OUCH...I was running two days later but there has been some tendon damage.  Everything was just seized up in my foot but it's getting better and I have run twice for 4 miles at a time.  S  L  O  W  L  Y !
*eat some Cadbury Eggs(protein, remember?).
*I denied myself about four or five GOOD races during training(both 5ks, 10ks and half-marathons because I knew my FOOT was an issue.  Now I'm sticking to some shorter races...I'm excited!!
*garden, planted tomatoes, sunflowers and cilantro and zinnias.
*jacuzzi every night
*gear up for BS' ULTRA this Saturday.  We're heading out on Friday.  This is going to be fun...he's running a 50k.  Check out the course here:http://leonadivide5050.com/.
*planning a race for May 14th.
*gearing up the Pretzels for our Kindergarten Circus in May.
*adjusting to my new diet of NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT ANY DARN THING I WANT.  Gosh, how I love marathon training and DISLIKE being back to having to eat LESS!!!  Ok, besides the Cadbury Eggs.
*running just to be running(and feeling so grateful)!

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  1. You found some good things to be grateful about. Enjoy those shorter races.

  2. I totally forgot that Cadbury eggs have protein! Duh! ;o)

  3. Mmmmm ..... Cadbury eggs. The best (and worst) thing about Easter.

    Sorry to hear about the tendon damage. Hope the healing is quick.

    Gardening, landscaping, etc. works wonders for me as well. As does Cadbury eggs ..... drooooool.

  4. Kindergarten Circus!?! I want to go!! So glad you have your recovery groove on and that you have found your happy place. You will rock those shorter races and have a blast!

  5. B.S. is going to rock that race. Funny that I ran into him on Saturday. His form looks great and he's ready.

    Went to the track tonight. I'm looking forward to 5/14. We should hit up The Potato Shack or Panniken or something after. Prob too early for Pizza Port :-(

    Are you sure that jacuzzi is okay? Isn't that anti-icing?

  6. Mmmmmmm Potato Shack...LOVE that place.

    Bummer about the tendon! Ouch that hurts me just to read about it.

  7. I do like the things you do during your recovery period and the shorter races are going to be fun for you, I'm sure.

    We will be running in the same weekend. I'm doing a 10K on May 15th. There was a time 10K was a huge distance, now it's "only" 10K :)

    Good luck for BS next Saturday and for you: have fun watching him.

  8. always, such a great attitude. I LOVE it!

    I ran with Scott Jurek last night, here in Hattiesburg, can you believe it? He's super nice, like a regular!

  9. You’ve got this under control with a super attitude. I survive on long term goals so if I hit a bad one like you did I focus on that next goal immediately. Running should be for the love of it and not only to complete races. Those are some bonuses we get along the way. Hang in there Meg!

  10. Good to hear that the foot is healing quickly and you are able to run (not so much here) and I think those shorter races will be so much fun for you! Just make sure to kick Chris K's booty!! :)

    Yay for your garden, I know that brings a smile to your face!

    Good luck to BS, so excited for him...I know you'll be an excellent cheerleader!!!

  11. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the injury. However the medicinal value of Cadbury eggs is indisputable. Repeats on the bunny candy are now required.

    The ultra course looks very cool! We expect pics of the gnarlyness...

  12. dear meg,

    send me your jacuzzi.

    love, emily.

    ps smaller races will feel AWESOME for you!

  13. There was a point on Sunday where the clock said it was Cadbury Egg O'Clock....

  14. It's amazing how much more enjoyable running can be when coming back from an injury. Every step is a gift.

  15. You certainly summed up the pluses and minuses of sticking to shorter distances.

  16. josh planted sunflowers as a 'surprise' for me (i almost always guess what his surprises are... he's just not good at them ;) haha) i love sunflowers! i hope yours grow big and you post a picture on here.

    glad the foot is doing better. i always claim i want to stick to shorter races but yet somehow keep signing up for marathons...

    will have to check into that aug race! would looove to come out :)

  17. Meg! That rodeo(?) picture at the top is too cool. And the font on your blog? It's great!

    You know something about the net summary of those bullets? You're busy!

    Your Boston recap shows how great a runner and person you are. Such thorough and inspiring training, your first 13/14 miles were exactly what you deserved. But we can't plan for freak things like your foot explosion. The takeaway is that you nailed the training, and you can do it again.

    Take care of that foot, polish off those eggs, and be a great Leona Divide cheerleader!

  18. I love love love your header! I love it!

    Glad to hear you are healing well :)

  19. I almost forgot about gardening until you brought it up! I'm harvesting unwanted weeds at the moment...

    Did they ever determin why your foot seized up like it did? Wow. I'm glad treatment is helping.

    Jazuzzi? I'm so jealous. I miss it!

  20. Beautiful header!
    Jacuzzi is a good solution (I have it at home) but the thermal baths are heaven!!
    Enjoy the short races.

  21. Hi Meg,
    Oh my goodness, you changed your blog...I love it:) How are you? I have missed you. It sounds like you just ran a tough marathon and are in the recovery mode right now. Take care of yourself! Yay for getting to eat what ever the heck you want:) Hugs!

  22. Your recovery sounds perfect!
    GL to BS with his ultra!

  23. I'm jelous of your cilantro. My always bolts and never comes back.

    Good luck BS. I know this is too late, but I'm anxious to hear how it went.

    Glad your going to be showing what your made of on some shorter courses!

  24. Glad you're feeling better and grateful. You have a wonderful attitude! I'm sure you were an amazing crew member for BS this weekend! :)

  25. very solid recovery plan, particularly the combo of chocolate and gardening :)

  26. You know, I have never had a cadburry egg before. I might check them out some time. Have a blast this week end. And, Adam Ant is behaving a usual. lol

  27. Recovery is a very good thing - love that you're grooving it.

  28. Catching up on blogs from the week Meg - glad you are finding some things to be grateful for - you have so many!! Great job for BS at Leona as well - that was a great time he ran!!

  29. Your bounce-back recovery plan sounds terrific! I'm jealous of the jacuzzi. I love baths. And I laughed at your reduced running schedule causing you to NOT be able to eat whatever you darn well please. I hate food restriction also... which is why I'm an Athena, grrr. How annoying is that!

    I thought of you on my trip to FL cuz I ran along a beach for the first time & DID soak my feet & knees in the ocean after a 6.5 miler... just as you've shown en blog! Wished you were with me. Oh wait, you were... in my mind :-) Take care, girlie!

  30. Great attitude, Meg! I would love to run some short races - they really are so much fun. Enjoy your upcoming weeks. :)