I run happy.

Friday, April 8, 2011


So far I have succumbed to TAPER MADNESS in the following ways...

*my foot hurts(this may or may not be true)

*I have a cold(this may or may not be true)

*I have built a MUD KITCHEN in my backyard for Sandy Pockets(soon to be renamed, Muddy Paws).

*I have sprouted a few chin hairs(which is totally fine with me as I am of Scottish and Irish decent and  very secure with my heritage.  Everyone knows that Scotish women are tough and have ancestrial links to goats and other bearded animals and this makes for awesome trail running capabilities as well as running over rocks,  which I REALLY love to do-honestly).  BS was the first to find the "sprouts," for which I am eternally grateful. Could you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if one of my PRETZELS had found it?  MOR_TI_FY_ING! Ask me why I care what five year olds think and I won't answer. I honestly don't know.

How did the plucking GO DOWN?

In the Toyota truck.  BS leaned over and just grabbed the "short term visitors" and gave a jerk.
 Ouch! Please, ask before you pluck, He's "useful" like that.

 I guess it's time for the WORLD to know that I would never post pix of my tummy, boobs nor lips but hey,  BIG, STRONG quads and chin hairs are another thing.
I'm aging and I'm PROUD! ha, ha, right.

I will be pondering the following questions this week as I cut back on my running, play with Muddy Paws and get ready for our MARATHON PARTY on Saturday...

Why do my favorite RED JEANS smell like fish?  I can't wear FISH JEANS to Boston,

fish jeans=no friends, well, except for Daisy.
 She seems to like them.

**Several hours later, when editing this post,  I realized that I must have WASHED my red jeans with my FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS in the pocket, as I usually take my supplements at school at snack time.
 **silly me**

Finally, I am using the last paragraph to BLAB about my husband who is running an XTERRA trail race this SUnday and then,  an ultra two weeks from Saturday.  It's his first ultra and he has been training SO hard!  I can't wait to watch him work the hills and trails...HE IS READY!!

**Last final, random thought...why are my legs STILL so tired???  I feel like I should take ALL of next week off!!  Is this a


idea?  Please check one and explain your answer.

-thanks for stopping by and don't forget,  NO LIMITS. That's my new motto, Jenn!!


  1. Ahhhh taper madness! Go play in the mud and don't worry about it.

    GO BS!

  2. take the week off. eat the actual fish not the oil. hair chin plucking is what spouses are for. i remember a pix posted showing off your guns as you were lifting weights (dumbells). so don't forget those biceps pix! good luck to BS. is this really your LAST Boston Marathon?

  3. Tired legs = good right now. Because that means you worked hard AND that they will NOT be tired come race day. Happens to me, always. I have a chin hair too- must be the 46 thing. XO

  4. So wish I knew about the chin hairs for women of Scottish/Irish decent, of which I am also. My son decided to point out the other day that I have a beard or did he call it a goat-tee? Either way I wish I had had this info to arm myself with. Ha! sad fact is one day he'll be plucking those hairs on his old mamas chin:)

    I no nothing when it comes to tapering but I think you may want to give your body the rest.

    LOVE the new Motto!

  5. Excessive muddiness will remove the fish smell from the jeans, and relieve the taper madness from the mind.

  6. Crazy in the head Meg! Laughing at the sprouts! Joe and I are like monkeys constantly grooming each other! I'll pick you if you pluck me-ha!

    Fish jeans! How fresh:)

    GOOD LUCK BS!!!!

    Tired legs-supposed to be tired! They are STILL working during taper. Complete rest would leave them flat I think. Not advice, just an opinion! Trust your plan, back off a little if you need! NO LIMITS!!!!! HERE COMES MEG!!

  7. hahaha... I wrote a whole post about "hairs" a few months back...aren't they a joy?

    Love the taper-madness silliness...

  8. your posts always make me smile! Sorry you are in some pain though..that is no fun!

  9. Bad idea. It's in your head that your legs feel bad. Or maybe the fish oil got through to your muscles when you were wearing your red jeans and there's some ill effect. ; )

    You are ready to go, my friend!

  10. Awww Megs, though hairs are signs you are going to do awesome in Boston girl - let them breathe and show the world you're ready (seriously, I learned this in goaching school!! :)).

    Take a little L-Glutamine - it'll help the legs be happier.

    And Goooo go go go BS - have a fantastic race!!

    Love ya!!

  11. Muddy paws and chin hair and fish jeans oh my!
    Sounds like taper madness has truly set in!
    You are the nest grandma ever to set up a mud kitchen--total awesomeness!
    Now go have the best Boston ever!!!

  12. I meant best grandma not nest!

  13. I love the muddy kitchen. So cute. That's funny that you figured out why your jeans smelled. I laughed.

    I would cut back but keep some intensity. Shorter runs. Good luck at Boston!!! You will start to feel ready to go next week. You still have plenty of time to rest.

  14. #1 Your foot doesn't hurt.

    #2 Your foot doesn't hurt.

    #3 Your foot doesn't hurt.

    #4 Your foot doesn't hurt.

  15. Yep, sounds like a typical taper! Totally messes with our heads.

  16. Darn you taper madness! Now, it's causing facial hair....that's great. Just great.
    I kid, I kid.
    I'm so excited for you!!!!

  17. Sounds like the taper is going perfectly.

    I laughed about your red fish-jeans. I visualized you walking around your neighbourhood leading a procession of cats.

  18. A week off is too much, better an easy week.
    Tapering is a magic word....
    Maybe you don't know that until 1999 I was a proud member of the Tartan Army that I left when Italy was admitted in the 6 Nation Tournaments (rugby).

  19. I've had chin hairs for years. Your lucky your didn't pop up until now.

    It is GOOD because it means you put in a long quality marathon training session. Your legs will be ready on race day. I promise. An aderenalin kick start will wake them up.

  20. Wow! So this is what they mean by taper madness :) I love the mud kitchen...I can't wait to be setting up a mud kitchen for my own grandchild(ren).
    Get used to chin hairs, I'm up to 3 or 4 regulars now (must check regularly) :)

    You are going to have an amazing race and Good luck to BS!!

  21. You're ready Meg, it's up to you if you take the week off or not. If you do, it's okay because as I said: YOU'RE READY!

    Tell me about the chin hairs. I've spotted a few too. Or actually the hub did which is even worse :) I've had my upper lip done twice now because now I'm getting older I seem to get a moustache too :)

  22. Marathon Party? Man, I wish I could come. I promise that I would be on my best behavior.

  23. Your foot is Gonna be GREAT!! Take an extra day off in there, but not the whole week.

    I love the who bit on the chin sprouts. If you see anything like that on me, don't look too closely....eh???

    I'd sure like to meet the real Meg in Boston! Fish pants might be good luck =D

  24. Hola!
    Tu eres muy loca! Y que te vaya bien a tu fiesta esta noche!!

  25. Great new motto! I love those red pants. Glad you found the reason for the fishy smell and it was easily fixed. Taper madness is maddening! Hang in there and you will feel great when it really counts!

  26. The fish tale is a very funny one. Especially the part about Daisy maybe being the only one to appreciate it. I'll be at the 15k too. Not in much of a mood to run it, but maybe that will change in the next two hours.

  27. You should run a marathon or something to get those silly thoughts out of your head. :-)

    I don't believe in aging. Period. (if you repeat it enough times you might even start getting younger. I am still working on it.)

  28. I hope to feel taper madness someday soon. Sigh. And about taking next week off? I think it's always better to show up a little under trained than 1% over trained. Take the time off and show up rested and ready to go!

  29. wow lots of loco-ness going on here :)

    don't take the week off entirely... run when you feel like it, play in the mud when you don't. or pluck hairs, whichever.

    i like your red jeans! hope you got the fish out of 'em.

  30. I would have to say I have chin hairs to. I either shave them or every so often go get my chin waxed. Even that doesnt get them all. I just say maybe I was suppose to be born a boy who knows. Ok the jeans smelling like fish not good. I dont do that fishy smell very well. GooD Luck to you hubby on his two races.

  31. I cannot stop laughing. This was the best post ever.

  32. I really enjoyed this post!! Chin hairs, huh!? Too funny!
    Tapering is an art, you are good at it, keep listening.

  33. Ha, ha! You think chin hairs are bad? How about nose hairs???!!! That's when you KNOW you have arrived to the 'seasoned generation'!!! I, in fact, like the red jeans quite a lot. Good luck to BS in his trail races coming up. His first ultra??? We'll be watching - very exciting. Like the new blog layout, too. Sparkle Pants Sandy Pockets MuddyPaws is growing up SO fast! And Daisy is looking mighty cozy in those afghans!!!