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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunburn Smiley Face

If you've followed my blog you know I have massive SKIN cancer issues and that SCAPE is my all time FAVORITE sunscreen.  I can run with it smeared everywhere and TRUST it 100%.  It won't run, leak into my eyes, clog my pores nor wash off in the pool or ocean.  I've used it for more than a year and it JUST WORKS.  I've tried it all too, even the sunscreen from my dermatologist and nothing beats my SCAPE.  Well, the issue is you HAVE TO ACTUALLY apply it in order for it to be affective.

Yesterday, my SECOND day of summer vacay,  I worked in my garden for a few hours and SCAPED up but *neglected* to cover my booty crack...the plumbers crack...the coin slot.  Last night my booty lover(ok, that just sounds bad)said I had smiley face sunburn that started at "the crack" and curved up at the edges of my back, right where my shirt pulled up.
Yes, I'm aware that this IS A MAN and is NOT me but you get the picture.  Just imagine a BIGGER, wider smile that curves up at the edges.  Nice.  I hope it lasts all summer and stands out when I'm wearing my bathing suit.
Actually, I hope it doesn't.  That's too much sun damage.

Wear your SCAPE people, you'll have no regrets!

Summer garden shots:
Despite the sale of our house,  I'm determined to be a backyard farmer and try to grow all of our own summer veggies.
This means mixing veggies with flowers, roses, and other crazy things.
Last summer, when I tried to do this,  we had the attack of the RATS from the brick yard(I know, don't you just want to OWN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW?)
This year,  this won't happen.
It just won't.

Cinco de mayo roses!
Heirloom tomatoes.
Zinnias with new squash sprouts.
Basil, green beans and gnomes.


The 10k is just a week and a few away!  The short mileage experiment (faster paces) officially ends on that day.  Then it's on to half marathon training.

Sunday: 9 miles trails, easy
Monday: 4 miles, training pace
Tuesday: track 10x 500, 300 off @ 5k pace(THIS WAS HARD)
Wed: Off
Thursday: 6 miles, training pace
Friday: 4/5 easy
Saturday: Interval workout with Kevin
Sunday:  Trails(are you in Chris?)

My heart rate is officially changing for the better so the fitness at the shorter distances is improving.
***I do miss the longer runs this week, now that I have time to do them AND sleep.*

Have a great rest of the week!!!


  1. It always gets ya where you least expect it! I'm diligent with sunscreen too, but sometimes you just miss a spot!

  2. I've been freaking out about skin cancer and being outside this year A LOT. I'm totally going to be checking out Scape thanks to you!

    And I'll try really hard to not let my tooshy get a sunburn. Ouch!

  3. I kept looking at that picture and thinking that your body has greatly changed since I saw you last ;). So glad to read on down that it actually WASN'T you :). I bet that sunburn hurts. 2 summers ago I was at the beach and my tankini top moved up a bit and I fell asleep. Ouchie! I STILL have a scar from that.

    Glad you're still working hard in your garden, I know how much joy it brings you and someone is going to see all the hard work you have put into it and BUY THATH HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brendan and I fly into Santa Ana airport on the afternoon of July 23rd and have a couple days before we leave for Whitney. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE we can meet up while I am there. I'll email you more details and the latest drama in my life. blah.

    Love ya!! :)

  4. Haha, I was surprised by the shape of "your" body too!! Whew, thanks for clearing that up :)

    I've got six more days of school and I feel like I'm just holding on for the ride. It's raining here and the kids are getting crazy.

    Any suggestions??

  5. NOT what I expected when I read the title of your post. I must admit I was way relieved to find out it wasn't a picture of you!

    Lovely garden. I don't get out into mine nearly enough.

  6. I'm diligent about putting sunscreen on. Does Scape really work that well? I may have to try it out.

    Enjoy those veggies! They look wonderful. All we have are chives and basil so far.

  7. Thanks Meg ;) Great post! I hope that smiley tan evens out during your 10K workouts!

  8. I am a sunscreen addicit too. Never enough!

    Love the flowers and veggies. Our garden might die in this heat. It will take a big change in our weather pattern to save much of it now. boooo

  9. I am sure Scrape works as well at hiding your skin as that awesome backyard does with the brickyard. Thanks for the PSA again with the Scrape. Take care of that skin!!!

  10. That track workout looks insane! Your "RECOVERIES" were at 5K pace? Eek! Way to go! 10K better look out.

    The garden looks great!!!

  11. I'm not a big fan of sunburn. I had a few growing up and I keep waiting for moles to turn against me. Try some aloe vera gel on the burn. It take the sting out.

  12. Haha, I got burned in the exact same place a while back--horrible! I never thought to sunscreen that part up!

  13. I hate when you get those weird sunburn marks. They seem to stick around forever too. My favorite was one summer when I failed to properly smear my chest and spent the entire season with the outline of a hand on my chest. Thanks for the PSA.

  14. I wear sun screen all the time but have never used Scape. I will have to see if I can find some. Thanks.

  15. That was really funny because I kept looking at the picture as I was reading, thinking I hope Meg knows that is a picture of a guy! Garden looks beautiful!

  16. Ouch!!! Still laughing at the booty crack.

    I love SCAPE. That has to be the best stuff ever. I've also learned that you have to apply it everywhere. Feet aren't exempt, either. :)

  17. i wish i had been better about sunscreen use growing up. i was in the mindset of tan=awesome. now i actually wish i had more pale skin... i'm glad your plumber's crack isn't burnt.

    growing flowers/veggies is so rewarding! yours look great. hope no rats this year.

  18. I have never heard of SCAPE - we will have to check it out. We ALWAYS wear our sunscreen - it's so easy to get a quick burn up here at altitude. It's easy for you, too, being by the water. I got one of those 'smiley face' burns a few years ago while out on the bike - my jersey rode up in the back just a bit and WOW - beet red smiley. Lovely flower pics - keep'em coming! You are going to fly at the 10k, I am sure of it! Oh, if you do your trail run Sunday - remember the camera and a skirt... :-)

  19. I agree on using sunscreen but I have to be honest: we forgot to bring it on our vacation now because weather forecast wasn't that good. I've noticed I got a little bit of tan since I'm here but no sunburn thankfully. I avoid sitting in the sun anyway because my body can't handle it (too hot) and because it's not good for your skin.

    Enjoy your short runs this week. The longer one will come once you start half marathon training.
    Good luck on the 10K.

  20. That's the second time I've read about plumber butt burn this year! Ouch.

  21. Such a green thumb!

    I'm almost ready to return to my distance days and ways too! I'm currently babying a "pain in the booty." I missed too many yoga classes, and I'm too old to do that.

  22. Sorry to hear you missed a spot. Your plants and flowers look lovely. Nice work. Good luck training this coming week.

  23. Hey, garden girl, at least I can keep up with you there ;-) Great work!

    And you were right from Day 1 when you said we were East Coast/West Coast sisters, cuz I too posted a guy's crack on my blog back in February: http://tinyurl.com/62kpvcy No sunburn, just authentic plumber trouser slippage. You "crack" me up!!! (hope your smile doesn't hurt to much)

    I'm so enjoying your running recovery. Go, go, GO! [clang of the cowbell]

  24. I'm not very good with the sun screen… I hate the sticky feeling, and I usally run pretty early to outrun the sun.


  25. Ooops, I'm a little late here. Thanks again for invite. 10 x 500M looks tough. Well, probably not for you. Do you like my tactic....blow sunshine up your sunburn you-know-what to get you all complacent.

  26. I had problems with the skin cancer and I must take care of my moles so I use tons of sunscreen (+hat + sunglasses). Also if I run in early morning (07.00 a.m.).
    Good luck on the 10 k.
    Beautiful flowers!
    Against the rat attacks a cat can help. If you want it would be my pleasure to send to you a cat of mine: at the moment 3 at home and 6 in the garden. Too many!!!!

  27. That is ouch for sure and can be so dangerous. Here in SA we have to be very careful with the sun too. That's why I usually run with a bigish t-shirt. Cover as much as possible is my motto. Take care!

  28. An official comment to your blog now that I am home. For some reason I can not sign in to all blogs at work, even though I am signed in. Doesn't make sense. Guess they don't want the safety director reading blogs at work. O well. Yes, I was interested in that Scape. Where can I get it? By the way, my wife loves the garden. Take care.

  29. LOL at the booty crack! Ouch! I love me some sunscreen and I'll have to try scrap. Your garden pics are so pretty...maybe I'll get inspired to plant something pretty this weekend!

  30. I love the garden photos. Every year I tell myself "I WILL plant a garden this year, and every year I don't have the time until July and by then it's really too late. ((sigh))