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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poop, Snakes, Sprints, and Sweat

So even on the 4th of July, BS wouldn't listen to my poop 
POOP issues plague me at every race.  Really.  Small, sharp stomach cramps that turn into me having to go to the bathroom URGENTLY.  After trailing a girl who had pooped her shorts in Boston,  I have NEVER had the desire to do the same.  Too fragrant.  I want my friends.  So this weekend, after a HOT and quick start to a 10k,  I decided NOT to evacuate "short" style but to just stop and use the port a potty.  Twice.  The cramps went away and I caught up to Chris Korn...eventually  I had a fun race but it's time to FACE THE CACA WOES head on.

I consulted a GI doctor.  A nurse.  A lot of friends.  I've decided that I'm not going to let my bowels command my races any longer.  Now that my foot is behaving and the training is going well,  I'm going to give IMMODIUM a try this weekend.  I'll be racing a tough, hot and hilly  half marathon trail race in the mountains near Julian, CA.  I'm going to pop the magical immodium and see if I can pull this race off without squatting on a snake or poking the hinny with a cactus.  Report to follow...this is my last chance!!  The "letsrun.com" forum had many success stories of those who have tried IMMODIUM.  Have you?

Summer is off to a great start.  Warm!  Best July eva' .
So far our runs have challenged us with...

6 snakes(one rattler)
25+harmless lizards
sweaty parts/sweaty clothes
3 races already, 3 more to come this month!
consumption of enough Vitalyte to fill Sandy Pocket's baby pool

I'm off to catch up on blogs this afternoon! Miss all of those reports!


  1. Yep, I take Imodium before most races! It does the trick for me. Good luck!!!

  2. i take immodium before 99% of my races. yay for no poops BUT then again i dont poop for like 3 days afterwards.

  3. I haven't had this happen yet, but it is pretty much my biggest fear when I get to a race. I don't worry about my time, if I'll be thirsty, if my legs will hold up. I worry about my bowels and will they cooperate or not? So far, so good -- but I'm making a mental Imodium note now!

    Good luck!

  4. I hope this is your miracle cure!!! Way to go and kick Chris' butt nevertheless!! :)

    Good luck with the hilly trail half, that sounds really fun and a great test for the GI.

    I'll send you an email tonight....I have a small problem with accommodations. :(

  5. I do chewable Pepto. It works for me! Best of luck on your race!

  6. Um, Meg, aren't you forgetting something.....

    3rd place finish. C'mon, that was no dinky race and you rocked it.


  7. Do they make adult diapers in technical fabric? That'll be your last resort if the Imodium doesn't work. I've never had an issue in a race but have during training runs and it's really not fun. Being hosed down by your son with a fire hose - also not fun!

  8. My son had a nervous stomach and used to take Imodium before his football games - totally worked for him. Good luck with it!

    BTW, SP is getting so big!!! Adorable picture. :)

  9. Boo to the snakes. Good luck on the poop problem. I have never heard of Imodium but would love to know if it works.

  10. Sorry to hear about your bathroom woes Meg! I have had MANY of those problems as well! I have found it really helps to cut down on fiber the day before and day off a race, but I have a friend who swears by Immodium! If I ever have another issue I'm going for it, so I'd say it's worth a shot!

  11. You got to beat the gingerbread man! Imodium works for me.

  12. Was so busy w/Juneathon running/writing/reading, I didn't get to read you much... and now I come to your site & you give me POOP? HA! The actual issue is not funny, tho :-( Knock on wood, I never have bowel issues. I either get hit with heavy menstrual flow on race day, or feel like I have to pee the entire race (jouncing makes my bladder feel full even if it's not?). Good Lord. Why can't our bodies just buck up & perform without glitches? Good luck with your first try on Immodium. Can't wait to hear the verdict!

    Wish I had lizard sightings on my training runs!

  13. Hi Meg! I was reading (online) an article in runner's world about this (and other stuff that running does to our bodies). Poop was #2 (LOL...I didn't realize that until I wrote it)

    Anyway, here's the link: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/1,7120,s6-238-267--13625-0,00.html?cm_mmc=Facebook-_-RunnersWorld-_-Content-MindBody-_-20WeirdThingsRunningDoesToYourBody

    I always want to know why something is happening so that I can fix it. Sounds to me like you have a nervous tummy before races. Immodium may just do the trick.

    Onto other stuff. Twilight racing this year? When? Not a great band lineup like last year.

  14. I have heard of people using immodium....

    I am curious, do you get really nervous before races? I also wonder if getting up an extra hour early and going to the start line might get things moving out so they don't during the race.
    I think runningtimes.com had an article on this in nutrition, too.
    Sorry about the GI stuff- that's the WORST time to have to deal with it- race time.

  15. I have never had these poop troubles during races but do have them the rest of the day. It's been gone for a few weeks but this week it's back. So annyoing. Going to try Immodium maybe too.

    6 snakes during your run: I would poop my pants just by seeing those LOL

    It's good to hear from you again Meg.

  16. So we have to hear from Chris that you placed third? You are just too modest.
    Immodium works.

  17. Have I ever told you about my solution to that issue? I use peppermint oil tablets before long runs and races. I've tried immodium but it was too harsh and caused its own set of cramps. But try it and if it doesn't work, try the peppermint oil tabs.

  18. Uh-oh, the evil poop demons! Yep, it's really crummy when it 'hits' and you've got to go NOW - do not pass go, do not collect $200, NOW! And the nearest suitable bush (when you're out on the trails) has hikers milling around it.... it's also bad when I pull the TP stash out of the Camelbak and lo and behold, one square. Oops. ALWAYS remember to refill the TP stash. That's why I make Steve carry an extra stash in his pack, just in case! :-) I think running just jiggles everything around inside. Avoiding caffinated gels is good, too - caffeine stimulates the intestines. Yay for a fun trail race!

  19. I always take Immodium before races too. So far, so good. The last race I was in there was a spectator holding a poster that said "Don't sh&* yourself" It made me and every other knowing runner laugh :)

  20. Awwww Meg...I'm so sorry about all the poop. That's crappy. :)

    I am plagued by poop on races too. It never happens on my training runs, but the nerves kick in and do a number on my bowels.

    Good luck with the Immodium. I hope it helps because you don't wanna be out there pooping your pants!

  21. Sorry about the poop and the snakes too for that matter. Don't wanna jinx myself but so far no poop issues. I suspect I'm nowhere fast enough for that.
    Hope the Immodium or whatever you choose works!

  22. Immodium works, but can cause side effects for some folks, so try it on a non-race day first and if it works, use it just when you need it. Good luck...that's a crappy problem (pun intended) to deal with!

  23. I've used Immodium. My suggestion (if you aren't already running the race as I type) is to start w/ a half tablet. I did and a friend didn't and she had major issues afterward.

  24. A friend of mine takes immodium with great success. Hope it works for you!

  25. sorry about the poop issues, I have no answers for you.

    As for Julian - we visited the year I ran S.D. 26.2. I hope you will visit the Julian Pie Company after the race. Yum! I have a pic of use drooling over the pies and trying to figure out what to order.

    Hope the Immodium works for you.

  26. This is one problem that I'm glad I don't have...