I run happy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've written about 20 posts since my dog and I went through some "issues."  NONE of them were published, obviously.
Do you REALLY care about my...

garden growing?

my son(who ditched college) sailing the open seas, dressed as a pirate?
my genius grandson, Sandy Pockets?

my husband's achilles heel injury or is trip to Tahoe to crew for a 50k?
Yea, Brian!

my "goal" to only buy summer clothes from resale shops(and I totally HAVE found some CUTE stuff...)

is this blog
about running?

I've had more fun reading YOUR  blogs this summer and finding out what's going on in everyone else's life.  
Boy, you guys are having adventures and some of you
are just livin' it simply like us.

Simplicity is what it's about right now...
our economy
the state or our nation
our World
it seems like we're being called to refocus once again.

Are you feeling that or is it just me?

SO BACK TO RUNNING...the cheapest, most fun thing you can do to stay fit and happy!

I hope this doesn't get too long...

The Goal:  So after Boston, I took two months to recover from my planter facitis flare up which cost me a fun race and a lot of training...

I decided to cut down on mileage, tuck my Garmin in a drawer and start racing short stuff.  It wasn't about PRs, it was about feeling strong and knowing when I could push myself.  Really knowing the "state" of my body.
I've been reading a good book
and as a master's runner,  I am reminded to make sure that I have the ENERGY and LEG SPRING to carry off the mileage and speed work, as well as tempo runs, that will keep me moving forward but not DEAD after every push!
In the book, they give you a chart as part of your training log, that helps you monitor your recovery.
Girls, at 46 this is HUGE.

What I did:  So I cut down on mileage and focused on relaxed 7-8 mile runs throughout the week with one day of track and one long run. I'm spinning at home one day and racing WHEN EVER I CAN.  I do use my Garmin during track workouts and my heart rate monitor on the days off SO THAT I STAY IN RECOVERY MODE.

Do you see the thread here???  I'm FOCUSING MORE ON RECOVERY than the training and **DUH**,  I feel great for every run. It's simple.

The Results:  That question I posed in the spring, " CAN A MASTER'S RUNNER IMPROVE HER SHORT DISTANCE TIMES?"  " HOW? "  Has been answered.

The good news is YES.  I have been able to improve my 5k, 8k and 10k times!  The key has been toning down the LONG mileage and focusing on recovery throughout the week.

I still integrate hill work every week because I am doing a lot of cross country and HILL/trail runs this fall...but that just means I have to balance it on the other end with lighter runs and rest.  I also...

use the foam roller every night
do strength training four times a week
ice ANY and ALL sore spots
drink ULTRA FUEL during speed workouts
wear ONLY shoes that are good for my feet(all the time)

and dream about running longer distances...

yes, my heart is still in the marathon.

Carlsbad 2012!

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for the FULL REPORT on RUN WITH JILL'S VIsit to California!!!

Go Jill!!


  1. I could learn a few things on better recovery. Sounds like you have a great plan.

  2. Cute clothes. And yes, I'm simplifying, too. Thanks for the info.... I'm going to just work on perfecting the shorter distances. ;)

  3. Love those clothes - you have a good eye!

    Is your son really dressing like a pirate? Those MLJ's really rubbed off on him, lol!

    Love hearing how you are enjoying running and not hurting - sounds really wonderful. :)

  4. I love your plan. I too am trying to get faster at 46. Def. More compression, more sleep, eating better, less alcohol, are all part of the grand master plan.

  5. Great news. I was beginning to wonder! I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who writes posts and then deletes them.

  6. Meg, so glad to hear you're doing well. It seems like you're taking your summer holidays very seriously and focusing on exactly the right things!
    Cute outfits too!

  7. Oh gosh I hear ya sister! Recovery is key! Sounds like you've worked it all out. Your summer sounds low key and fabulous too. Nice!

  8. Recovery is so very important!! I have become a stronger runner since doing better with recovery runs. And, yes!! I'd love to hear about your gardens!

  9. Best post I have probably read all year or ever for that matter. I have been thinking about my running, and even if I want to do a marathon this fall or not. I know I want to rock a half though. I love the recovery thing as you stated to make ALL runs kick ass. I really loved this, and needed it. It did bring clarity to my running thoughts. Take care and thank you so much.

  10. Meg--I love to hear this! Good for you for figuring it all out. I can't wait to see how it all plays out for a marathon down the road.

  11. I think I need that book. I'm going to Google it right away.

  12. Hi Megsie....
    I'm down from the mountain, alive and in one piece. Didn't go as well as hoped but some special days with B nontheless. Thanks for making our time at Meg's and BS's house special...and more to come on Friday :). Will chat soon. Love this post - you are awesome!!! I think it's a sign that Carlsbad is going to be a PR also! :)

  13. that book is for me also...I am right behind you in the age number...and also still a very novice runner trying to figure out how to improve and not get injured at 42.

    hope you guys have a great time with Jill!

  14. Yes:
    - I love to see your garden growings
    - Sandy Pockets is always adorable
    - Lake Tahoe: loved it there.
    - YEAH for putting your new purchases on your blog, you know what makes me happy! Love the white/black skirt especially.

    And you’re not alone, I do feel the need for simplicity too. I’m really watching my expenses at the moment. If I want to buy something I put it on a wish list and if there’s money left when my paycheck arrives, then I can buy it. Usually by that time you don’t want it anymore LOL.

    The 43-year old girl is interested in your new strategy too. I’m going to remind this and use some of the things you mentioned. I’m so happy for you it’s working, you sound like a very happy running girl.

    For a moment you got me jumping up and down my chair when I read Carlsbad 2012.
    You know there’s a Karlsbad in Germany so the reason I jumped was that Meg was coming to Germany and I would do everything to meet her. What a bummer that it’s Carlsbad USA :)

  15. Really great post Meg. I'll be 48 this Sunday. I ran all my PR's 10 - 13 years ago. I don't think I'll better them as I now concentrate on ultras and my next 10 years include some awesome ultra goals. However, I still improved my times for the past 8 years recently over some shorter distances. It can be done for sure! Happy running!

  16. I always enjoy your posts Meg...it's fun to catch up on what's been going on (great clothes btw) and thanks for that important information about recovery. Have a blast with Jill...I'd love to meet her...and you :)

  17. Sometimes I feel dumb for posting about non-running stuff, but I also feel like my "running" is boring lately. :)

    Glad you're seeing changes in your runs and how you feel!

    Do you shop at Home? I think that's where I went years ago...

    Jill got to visit you?!?! Not fairrrrrrr.

  18. Sounds like you have found a sweet spot, at least for now! I have definitely learned that recovery is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT than the hard training. Keep it up girl!!

  19. HI MEG! We've been MIA forever but we are finally blogging again, yay! Sounds like your 2 month recovery did you well! You really do make 46 look glamorous!!! we just put up our RnR San Diego race report and pictures, better late than never. You're mentioned a few times :-)

    Looking forward to seeing pics from Jill's visit! How fun!!!!!!!

  20. Looks like the Megster has dialed in the right formula. Why didn't you just ask me because that is exactly what I would have told you.

    BTW, yes, it's a running Blog, but it doesn't have to be 100% about running. My next post will be about the correct amount of pillows that should go on a bed.

    See you guys tomorrow - salad in hand.

  21. You are showing all of us masters how it is done! You set a big goal and, after a lot of hard work, it is paying off. Yeah for you!

  22. Thanks for the post and information. As a newly minted 47 year old who just started running a little over a year ago, I'm constantly struggling with improving but sometimes just lacking the stamina. I'll definitely put the book on my to read list -- sounds like I could benefit.

    And super cute clothes!!

  23. Go Meg! I love everything about this from the consignment clothes, to recovery days, to wearing the right shoes!!! Rock on:)

  24. shoot i had no doubts you could get faster, even though you are already super fast. You have determination and dedication!

  25. You are FAST!!! :) Love the cute resale items you found!

  26. oh how I've missed the Megster! Glad you are back and running well. I'm having a great summer too, mixing it up. Now, I'm back to upping my mileage and loving that too. I just need variety throughout the year, and the body appreciates the variety too.

    Love the pic at the top. Flowers make me happy!

  27. Good shots! The clothes are so nice as well.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy