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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Masters Run/Race Report and More Summer Fun!

Drippy Drawers(AKA: Sandy Pockets)
summer fun, 2011
Yikes!  BS and I  played GRANDMA for four straight days with Drippy Drawers.  !  Drippy's Mom and Pop went to Hawaii for the paddle board race.  Drippy stayed and kept grandma Meg BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  OMG,  how did I EVER have the energy to raise two kids, work and function?  5 days with Drippy was more difficult than the San Francisco Marathon a few years ago.  No kidding.
Today Drippy's Mom called to tell me he is potty trained!
It's been a most excellent summer!

Today the MASTERS GIRLS had some great runs at the 56th Annual Balboa Park 8 miler. Well, Sweet Alexis in the light green shirt isn't a masters runner but she was sure a great cheerleader.  THANKS ALEXIS!!  

I didn't have a stellar run, it was actually a minute slower than last year and I felt pretty tired the whole time but I ZIPPED up the MAN/WOMAN suite(Marathon TALK)and just pushed through. No negative thoughts, just pushed.  I was happy with that.  I'm feeling the affects of  
NOT running the long mileage on the weekends during these longer races, those that are longer than a 10k.  I might have more speed for the short stuff but the endurance is something I will integrate later in my training.  

Two Other major YIPPEES from the race
1.  I had no poop/potty problems thanks to Imodium
2.  My foot did not hurt during the entire race, despite the hills and terrain. It's been 5 months since my Boston episode with my foot and today,  it was confirmed that I am back to having a foot and body that is 100% healthy.
There is HOPE and HEALING for all....believe.


Finally, here's proof that the WEST COAST bloggers got together for Jill's visit from Colorado.
Chris Korn
Heffer Blog
We had a fun get together and it was GREAT to visit!
Miss you already, Jill!!!


  1. Awww, miss you tons, too, Megsie...and BS's awesome cooking (btw, you forgot to mention aka: Alice at the end there!!). You were guys are the best host and hostess ever and I felt such warmness in your beautiful home (btw, any sale news?), thank you soooo much. Thought about you often this ween and wondered how the week with drippy pants was doing. So fun to hear is is now potty trained - yay!!

    Excellent news about your foot - you are making some great progress and I couldn't be more happy. My foot has been giving me a little grief the past couple days but it's manageable so I guess that's good - just not ideal. bleh.

    Been thinking about Carlsbad some, too.... :)

    Please say hi to BS for me!! Miss you tons!

  2. Opps, that was "week" - hehe. Also need to email you .. wondering about some things we were chatting about!

  3. I can truly appreciate your effort today since I know that course well and especially how hard it is. Thanks again for being such great hosts the other week too.

  4. Fun, fun, fun on everyone getting together for Jill! She's a great girl, eh??? Hopefully we'll get the privilege of meeting you and BS someday. Yay for no foot or body issues during the race. Sounds like you and DrippyDrawersSandyPocketsSparklePants are conquering the potty issues. Well done! :-)

  5. Yay for no stomach issues! And yay for a healed foot! And a big yay for a potty-trained grandchild!

  6. What a handsome cast of characters! I was going to Motley Crew but then Chris's girlfriend would have been unfairly lumped in there.

    I need to travel west!

  7. Thanks for hosting out blogger's meetup! It was great seeing you and Steve.

  8. It is wonderful to read that your foot is not only behaving, but you are able to run and race pain free!

  9. What a fun meetup! Love those pics of little Drippy, he's adorable, but I can imagine how tough it must be to be completely in charge of his busy hands and feet for five days :)

    Congrats on your race and especially YAY for no pain and being completely better!!

  10. Seems to me you are having a fantastic summer Meg, filled with fun and lovely people!

    I'm glad to hear running is going so well!
    Thanks about mentioning the immodium on your blog the other day. Never heard of it and looked it up after reading here about it. I still HAD tummy issues and decided to try Immodium and since I started using it it's over. It's such a relief because it was really annoying sometimes.
    So thank you for the tip!

  11. Yeah to the no potty issues. I had one yesterday in DC. Thank God for public restrooms. Are you back at work? Ordinarily I would be in my room getting ready. Kind of nice being so far away! I'll be there soon enough.

  12. Great to hear things are going so well for you Meg and you're healing up strong!! I've been a little out of blogworld as of late but nice to see a post from you and see what's been going down in your life! Awesome you had a great visit with Jill! Take care girl!

  13. Hey Meg! That little grandson of yours (I still call him Sparkle Pants!), just keeps getting cuter the older he gets. He is so precious, I am sure he is a joy to be around!
    I am VERY happy that there were no poopie problems (oooo messsy) and that your foot seems to be on the mend. Awesome news on both problems girl.
    So cool that you had a bloggie get together while Jill was there. One of these days, maybe I'll get to finally meet you too!

  14. The Balboa 8 is one tough course. Yay for you! I ran it once and I'm not quite sure if I'd go back for more. I've learn to never say never because I might run it again, just because.

    Drippy drawers potty trained! That's a big deal. :)

    Again, we really appreciated everything you did for the blogger meet up. It was wonderful.

    How much time before the race did you take the immodium? I usually don't have that issue, but the La Jolla Half showed me otherwise... It's good to have these little gems of information on hand.

  15. Hi Meg,
    Greetings from Australia. You keep using my last name and everyone knows me as Chris K. No biggie. That was a fun night. Can Alycia and I come over in a few weeks? Kidding. We'll have you over next. So, you didn't try peppermint pills per Amanda's suggestion I see. That intrigued me. Looks like you are on your way back to complete domination.

  16. Great to hear you are back to 100%! Yay for potty trained! Great getting everyone together. I hope I can be part of such a meetup one day. Happy running Meg!

  17. Thanks again Meg for hosting a super-fun meetup.

    Can you believe I've never run the Balboa 8 miler? 8 miles is such an odd distance and I think some of it is on the back trails of the park, right? I'm a weenie.

    Congrats on the pottie training. I know that one year Walter considered it the greatest gift ever when on Father's Day Drama Girl announced (she was about 2+ at the time) that she was going to start peeing in the potty... just like that.

  18. i ran the balboa 8 miler a few years back, with anne, as a matter of fact! its a great course. :) hugs, meg!

  19. So I don't have your email with me and I'm in Chicago - but there was a minor accident in transit & Cedric's head (well actually his hat + eyebrows) were disconnected when he arrived from NYC. Thankfully I found them in the bike box, did some surgery & he should be good to race this weekend. PHEW!!!! :)

  20. Immodium, I must remember that.... just in case!

  21. Yay for running with no pain!!! So glad to hear that for you!

  22. Meg!! I've missed your blog! I'm so glad to here you're doing well and injury free. Are you back to school already?

  23. Well, I see I am not the only one who's fallen off the blogger-wagon ;-) Hope you've had a wonderful summer! Back-to-school came fast, didn't it? Maybe you got busy cuz your house sold? Anyhoo, I'm thinking good thoughts of you lately. "Write soon!"

  24. Hey Meg! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was thinking about you the other day (and how school was starting, and the house sale...did it sell yet?...and all the other business in life. Hope all is well! ((hugs))

  25. Comodium to the rescue. Yay, No gingerbread men lying on the ground anywhere. Are you sure, maybe you did, and just didn't know it cuz you were running so fast and stellar like. Good thinking. Thanks for stopping by after my long break from blogging, which I have been taking more often. lol. Take care and way to go on zipping up that woman suit.