I run happy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Escaping OPEN HOUSE and Running Trails Instead

Our house hasn't sold yet, many of you have asked.  Thanks so much for your positive thoughts, prayers and hopeful messages...no offers yet but today there was a big open house so we're hopeful that something will happen...for some silly reason, very few like living next to a brick yard.  I just see so many positive things about a brick yard; it's not a fire hazard, there are no nosey neighbors peering in our windows and the view of tractors, haulers, fork lifts keep Sandy Pockets occupied for hours.   What can't anyone see that?

We escaped the event by leaving Daisy Pie at my friend's house to be mauled by her German Shepherd.  I love it when a dog puts Daisy in her place.  Then, we headed up to the Laguna Mountains where we like to play "trail runners"  just like all of our Colorado blogger buddies who are REAL mountain runners.  We just pretend.  We take off too fast, race along the flat trails and our ankles are wobbling and twisting up the inclines and down the rocky faces.  We are overly friendly to all hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, squirrels and other runners and we act as if we've never been out of the city.  One MAJOR mistake was forgetting our camera and NOT taking trail shots like you see on HAPPY TRAILS BLOG...now THAT is the ultimate trail blog.  I also neglected to wear a cute skirt like Kathleen...maybe next weekend.

We did frolic with the orange and blue dragon flies that whizzed in and out of our legs and I stopped to bend over right in the middle of the trail to closely examine each and every variety of wild flower.  Stunning.  Only one pee stop in the tall grass and let me just say that tall thin grass DOES not feel soothing as it pierces certain orifices.  As much as I tease,  I must say that I am a trail girl at heart.  It's just peaceful being out there for hours, time stands still. The miles tick off quickly.

My Running Study...

I continue to monitor my 10k training project with gusto.  I ran a 3 miler three days after my 10k trail race.  It went well but it was another hilly race and it was interesting that my body/mind connection did react to this little 3 miler as if it were a race, which it was.  My mind, however, went out on it's own with the healthy attitude of attacking the "run" as a tempo run and I was determined to NOT go out at a 5k pace.

Could it be that when the body is happy and rested, it can override the mind or did the mind over ride the body? Just who is in charge here?

Which ever the case(which might actually  be TOO MUCH THINKING on my part),  I was happy with the results of this race(?)/run.

There were some great races this weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed their racing and if you did some fun running, I hope it was everything that you wanted it to be!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!



  1. Thanks on the Happy Fathers Day!

    The 6 year old boy in me would LOVE to see tractors everyday. Yet the near 45 year old man in me ... ? You are JUST 1/2 mile from the beach though. I would think THAT is huge plus.

    sorry about the (not so splendor in the) tall thin grass - yikes!

  2. Trails are best, no question about it. I wish I could just open the door and be on one. Maybe in next life.
    Hope you get to sell your house soon.

  3. A trail run sounds much more fun than standing around scrutinizing potential buyers.

  4. Love the trails. Glad you got out to run them and good luck with the house! A brick yard would be fine with me... quiet at night, no rap music to keep one awake.

  5. I told my coach that you were gonna kick my a@@ on 4th of July and he got mad at me. Oh well. I want to run Daily Ranch on Saturday. Who's in? Can you please tell B.S. to call/text if he's up for it.

  6. Hey, we are real trail runners and we are STILL overly friendly to all hikers and bikers (unless they are mean and extra cranky). And goodness, where are yours and Boy Scout's priorities - no camera???!!! And my, my - forgot your skirt for skipping merrily down the beautiful trail - haven't we taught you ANYTHING???!!! :-) And being the crusty, calloused trail runner, I still am not real comfortable with anything wild (ie grass, weeds, sticks, etc) tickling ANY orifices. LOL. You got it right there! :-) Glad you had fun - I had fun with you!!!

  7. I hope BS had a wonderful FD!! I'm sure he did :). I love dragonflies, don't you? They're so colorful and carefree...I hope I come back to this world as a dragonfly someday. Or a butterfly :).

    Fingers crossed for a quick house sell - time for some new beginning! And heck ya, I'd love to live next to a brickyard, not sure what those others are thinking!!

    Enjoy your trail runs, how refreshing!!


  8. Nice going on the race head - this no Garmin thing is really working for you isn't it?

    Love the idea of heading out to the trails when the house is open house - take the pressure off!

  9. Yay for the trails! I'm so glad my trail season is here now. Have a good week!

  10. Wow! Beautiful photos of the dragonflys (dragonflies?). Hope you all had a great Father's Day!

  11. Peaceful? I am usually stressing about being eaten by wildlife... :)

  12. Sounds like a perfect getaway from your open house. You sound happy too at the moment concerning your running. I do believe that it's good to take the pressure of the body sometimes, I believe you get out stronger from it.

  13. Sorry about the house but wow, what amazing shots you got on that run! I am so impressed - they are beautiful.