I run happy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm IN LOVE...

...with my kindergarten class.  This week we'll be parting ways and I REGROUP for next year's crew.  Busy, busy with their memory books,  report cards and turning 46 years old.  My class gave me this birthday card with my photo on the front.  I think my hair looks better lighter, what do you think?

Our district "gifted" us new Mac Notebook laptops this week.  Happy Birthday to me..  Don't ask about the layoffs, the per student decreases in funding nor the fact that my class size will go up next year.  Shut me up with a new lap top.  They know how to do it right!

Now for the real fun, RUNNING!  My 10k training is shaping up nicely.  New discoveries every day in regards to fitness and speed.

1.  I've learned that it takes me about two weeks to respond to two/three days of speed orientated training.  This week my mid run pick up sprints were much easier and I didn't feel the cardio strain that I was feeling last month and even three weeks ago.  It wasn't painful but it was a push to get up to my sprinting speed for pick ups.  Pick ups are kind of like a faster stride and my 10k plan calls for 5 or 6 pick ups, even during my easy runs.  These efforts are getting much easier.

2.  I've learned that recovery runs are great for 10k training, just as they are for marathon training...only shorter!  Going out for a four mile recovery run is just plain fun and I can throw in some pick up strides, it's even better.  Will I ever go back to long distance training???

3..  I've learned that my heart rate monitor should be ignored during the tempo runs when I am pushing 4 miles at 10k pace.  Often, I'll look down and see that I'm pushing the limit in my threshold zone and it almost scares me.  Even though my legs feel good, I wonder...Will I stress my heart too much?  Will I get injured going too fast for too long?  I see the reasoning in using the HR monitor as a gauge but I'm learning to tune it out and glance ONLY occasionally at the pace on my Garmin. The good thing is using the HR monitor to see how your fitness improves and responds to your training.  I like numbers.  It's a fault of mine.  One of the many...

SO....even though tomorrow is NOT my target 10k,  I'm running a trail race 10k in San Diego and I'm actually excited to be back in the game of running shorter distances.  It's been fun wrapping up an 8 mile run and not feeling like my legs are MASSIVE tree trunks.  My goal for tomorrow is to have fun, enjoy the new trail because I've never run there before and just push it hard.  I'm not going to try for a specific pace since I'm not sure about the hills(which DO exist throughout the course)and I MAY NOT even wear my Garmin since I'd like to just push it and let it flow...and speaking of flow...

My dear friend Janet just  returned from Morocco after completing the Marathon de Sables.  I ran into her on the trail the other night and was REFRESHED and booty whipped by her insightful words.  While out on a sand dune at midnight during her run,  she said she stopped to look up at the stars.  They were everywhere.  She suddenly remembered the words of a team mate.  "If you can't stop and appreciate where you are, what you're doing and who you are, then you shouldn't be doing it."  She laid down and did sand angels, alone, in the desert.  I....love...you...Janet.

So, I'm off to do dirt angels tomorrow.  Think good thoughts for me, please!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Lap tops? That's pretty nice, considering everything else!

    Enjoy your 10K!

  2. HAppy happy birthday sweet Meg - glad you're SO enjoying the 10K training. Girl question here - do you find it's any different in terms of weight - does the fact you don't run as far mean you weigh more or does the intense effort mitigate that?

  3. I love that picture of you, you look so happy and not a day older than 30.

    I love the sand angels Janet did. I'm trying to look around me when I do races too because it's often at places I don't normally run. Running should be fun ALL THE TIME! I ran into 2 sheep that escaped two weeks ago and I stopped to take a photograph and enjoy the sight of them.

    Happy birthday and have fun at your upcoming 10K

  4. You look gorgeous...Happy Birthday!!

    Janet sounds like a very wise woman...loved the sand angels story. Good luck on the trails...I'm sure you'll do great and have a blast doing it!

  5. I think you look really well for someone who is turning 46! I only wish I will look like that!


  6. You're 10K training IS coming along nicely! I always thought I hated anything other than the marathon.....I'm thinking maybe I was wrong. 4 mile recovery runs and 8 milers without log legs do sound mighty enticing!

    Love the discoveries. I find this stuff SO interesting-pick me ups, tempo HR....

    You look beautiful as always and HAPPY! Happy Birthday Meg. Hope you have (or are having right now) a fantastic race today! I'm thinking of you:)

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Meg!

    I love the new discoveries with the different training (5k, 10k, marathons). It helps to keep the training fresh throughout the year.

    Hope the race today was fun and successful.

  8. Happy birthday!!! I agree about the hair .......
    I hope that you did a great race. I think that in this moment you are enjoying the post-races moments.

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! *hug* (PS your hair is looking great in your picture!) Good luck with the 10K training!

  10. It's always this time of year that I really start to love my students too!! I think I'll always miss teaching first grade a little bit.
    Enjoy your trail run, it sounds like your body and soul are ready for it!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday! You look fantastic - radiant and happy. What a way to usher in 46!

  12. Thanks for the reminder that it takes a bit of time to adapt to 2+ workouts per week again. I am adjusting!

    I hope the trail 10K was fun!

  13. Happy birthday to you! What a great picture.

    I loved this post, especially the end about Janet (who is clearly a super stud). Amen to what she had to say!

  14. Happy Birthday!!

    Sand angels make me smile.

  15. Happy Birthday! That lap top thing seems nuts! It's amazing at times how money is spent. Have fun with those dirt angels. Ahem. I think I prefer the old variety snow angels.

  16. It must be so hard to lose your little babies every year. And yes, I like the lighter hair colour too.

    I love what your friend did in the middle of the desert in a race. Awesome!

  17. Looks like you are doing your 10k training all wrong. I think you should immediately start doing the complete opposite of your current plan. In fact, you really need to step up your long runs, tempo runs, and speed work during the week of 6/27. I also recommend a very long run on Sunday 7/3. Oh, and lots of Margaritas on 4th of July Eve.

  18. Oooh. I like how that 10K training is sounding! Very nice!

    I wear my HRM, but only glance at it- NEVER when doing tempo, but sometimes on a hill. Everything averages out these days. :) IT's nice to have the numbers, but not to be driven by them. I do like the pace references, though.

    I think your friend has the right idea! i hope the clouds are gone from here soon.:)

  19. I think I love Janet too. I wish I had you for kindergarten. But then that would have been weird as we would have been probably sitting at the same table, drawing with crayons or something.


  20. Happy birthday beautiful! End of year must be so bittersweet.
    Love the dirt/sand angels...such a good reminder to ENJOY IT ALL!

  21. Happy Birthday, Meg! And you look absolutely lovely for any age! Your schools get out late compared to ours. Running shorter distances is refreshing in that there is no pressure to be out for hours and hours. Just get 'er done! Then you have the rest of the day to do other fun stuff! Have a great week,

  22. Wasn't your bday in May, girlie? If not, then sorry for the very early birthday card last month. :)

    I hope you had a great time on the trails yesterday and how inspiring about your friend, Janet. Woohoo!

    You're always such a breath of fresh air....one day I hope I can be a fraction of all your greatness! Enjoy those kiddos and your last day of school....and of course, your super cool laptop! :)


  23. Happy 46th birthday, Megaroo. (Or should I just say, "Oooh. Oooh. Ooh. Ooh."

  24. man! i wish i got a (good) lap top from work. my ibm thingy is dinosaur-ic :) but yes, better funding in general would be much more ideal!

    love that 'quote' from your friend.

  25. Happy Belated Birthday! Kindergarteners are wonderful, but I wonder how you teach them every day. It sounds exhausting to me. Janet has the right idea. It isn't worth it if you can't enjoy everything around you.

  26. You always have the BEST headers!

    I love that photo of you! miss you- hugs!