I run happy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunburn Smiley Face

If you've followed my blog you know I have massive SKIN cancer issues and that SCAPE is my all time FAVORITE sunscreen.  I can run with it smeared everywhere and TRUST it 100%.  It won't run, leak into my eyes, clog my pores nor wash off in the pool or ocean.  I've used it for more than a year and it JUST WORKS.  I've tried it all too, even the sunscreen from my dermatologist and nothing beats my SCAPE.  Well, the issue is you HAVE TO ACTUALLY apply it in order for it to be affective.

Yesterday, my SECOND day of summer vacay,  I worked in my garden for a few hours and SCAPED up but *neglected* to cover my booty crack...the plumbers crack...the coin slot.  Last night my booty lover(ok, that just sounds bad)said I had smiley face sunburn that started at "the crack" and curved up at the edges of my back, right where my shirt pulled up.
Yes, I'm aware that this IS A MAN and is NOT me but you get the picture.  Just imagine a BIGGER, wider smile that curves up at the edges.  Nice.  I hope it lasts all summer and stands out when I'm wearing my bathing suit.
Actually, I hope it doesn't.  That's too much sun damage.

Wear your SCAPE people, you'll have no regrets!

Summer garden shots:
Despite the sale of our house,  I'm determined to be a backyard farmer and try to grow all of our own summer veggies.
This means mixing veggies with flowers, roses, and other crazy things.
Last summer, when I tried to do this,  we had the attack of the RATS from the brick yard(I know, don't you just want to OWN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW?)
This year,  this won't happen.
It just won't.

Cinco de mayo roses!
Heirloom tomatoes.
Zinnias with new squash sprouts.
Basil, green beans and gnomes.


The 10k is just a week and a few away!  The short mileage experiment (faster paces) officially ends on that day.  Then it's on to half marathon training.

Sunday: 9 miles trails, easy
Monday: 4 miles, training pace
Tuesday: track 10x 500, 300 off @ 5k pace(THIS WAS HARD)
Wed: Off
Thursday: 6 miles, training pace
Friday: 4/5 easy
Saturday: Interval workout with Kevin
Sunday:  Trails(are you in Chris?)

My heart rate is officially changing for the better so the fitness at the shorter distances is improving.
***I do miss the longer runs this week, now that I have time to do them AND sleep.*

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Escaping OPEN HOUSE and Running Trails Instead

Our house hasn't sold yet, many of you have asked.  Thanks so much for your positive thoughts, prayers and hopeful messages...no offers yet but today there was a big open house so we're hopeful that something will happen...for some silly reason, very few like living next to a brick yard.  I just see so many positive things about a brick yard; it's not a fire hazard, there are no nosey neighbors peering in our windows and the view of tractors, haulers, fork lifts keep Sandy Pockets occupied for hours.   What can't anyone see that?

We escaped the event by leaving Daisy Pie at my friend's house to be mauled by her German Shepherd.  I love it when a dog puts Daisy in her place.  Then, we headed up to the Laguna Mountains where we like to play "trail runners"  just like all of our Colorado blogger buddies who are REAL mountain runners.  We just pretend.  We take off too fast, race along the flat trails and our ankles are wobbling and twisting up the inclines and down the rocky faces.  We are overly friendly to all hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, squirrels and other runners and we act as if we've never been out of the city.  One MAJOR mistake was forgetting our camera and NOT taking trail shots like you see on HAPPY TRAILS BLOG...now THAT is the ultimate trail blog.  I also neglected to wear a cute skirt like Kathleen...maybe next weekend.

We did frolic with the orange and blue dragon flies that whizzed in and out of our legs and I stopped to bend over right in the middle of the trail to closely examine each and every variety of wild flower.  Stunning.  Only one pee stop in the tall grass and let me just say that tall thin grass DOES not feel soothing as it pierces certain orifices.  As much as I tease,  I must say that I am a trail girl at heart.  It's just peaceful being out there for hours, time stands still. The miles tick off quickly.

My Running Study...

I continue to monitor my 10k training project with gusto.  I ran a 3 miler three days after my 10k trail race.  It went well but it was another hilly race and it was interesting that my body/mind connection did react to this little 3 miler as if it were a race, which it was.  My mind, however, went out on it's own with the healthy attitude of attacking the "run" as a tempo run and I was determined to NOT go out at a 5k pace.

Could it be that when the body is happy and rested, it can override the mind or did the mind over ride the body? Just who is in charge here?

Which ever the case(which might actually  be TOO MUCH THINKING on my part),  I was happy with the results of this race(?)/run.

There were some great races this weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed their racing and if you did some fun running, I hope it was everything that you wanted it to be!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Race Report and Sandy Pocket Passes Out!

My Baby...Sandy Pocket's Mom
I adore this woman...and mom...and daughter and wife(to Lifeguard).

Sandy Pockets who will soon be RE NAMED for the second time, to HE WHO WAVES STICKS,  came to the race today.  He and his MOMMY woke up at their "usual" time and we picked them up for the EVENT.  BS is suffering from some tendonitis issues and has opted to rest for a week or????  It seems like the only thing left for him to do.  Well, besides cheer...

The 10k wasn't HUGE by So Cal standards.  I didn't see any familiar faces from up near our house but it was a great day for a trail run.  Kind of overcast, cool and the trail was actually WOODSy...as woodsy as it could  be nestled between San Diego University and a housing development.  After a mile or so,  I felt like I was running in the Laguna Mountains so my brain and I were easily fooled.  Another thing I did today to FOOL my brain was to run sans GARMIN.  He and I haven't had a love fest lately.  Our training runs are enjoyable and he really is quite helpful for keeping me in line but come the races....he's just getting into my head.  This happens from time to time but I want to rely on my own awareness of pace and how I feel at this pace, rather than just NUMBERS.

Sorry Dude, I'm choosing flow over function.  AND IT WORKED.

I started the race knowing that everything was in place.  As I expressed in the previous post,  my 10k training plan has been a GOD SEND.  I actually bless the blogger who mentioned it in her blog and here it is:  http://www.runningplanet.com/training/10K-training-program-advanced.html
I just feel like my body is once again, itself, and my leg strength is back 100%.  It has made me think a lot about my marathon training and I am going to really consider taking this fall off from marathon training and concentrate on half marathons and the faster, yet, shorter distances.  I feel like my body could use the rest and my mind seems to really like the refocus!  As I've been getting fitter with my 10k training, my "issues" have healed and my hips, it band and foot have been just getting stronger.  IT all makes sense. I'm throwing some swimming back into the mix.  I'm excited.

Back to the race...

I took off towards the front of the pack and managed to just feel totally relaxed during the first three miles.  I did see one girl/lady up ahead and I decided that she would be the motivation to stay steady.  I was determined to catch up to her,  in time.  The hills started at mile 2,  I passed a coach from a team who was very supportive and encouraging. HIs words pumped me right up and over the first hills. I think the short hill sprints and other hill repeats I've been doing weekly, have helped.  I just didn't even give the hills too much  thought and  I knew once I caught up to yellow shirt, I could relax again.  The rest of the race was just FUN,

I had no idea about pace but once I crossed the fourth rocky creek, I knew I was close to the finish and no one was in sight.  In the distance,  I heard the call of the cowbell and I imagined Stick Waver, his mommy and BS standing at the finish line and I started to pick up my pace, only to be slapped by a very, very, very winding trail that slowed me right down.  It was the craziest thing ever...to be running like crazy and then hit a path that wouldn't let me run faster.  It was just a meandering path that said, "SLOW DOWN, enjoy the ride."  So I did, letting the cow bell guide me.

Suddenly, I saw them up ahead, ran like crazy and gave Stick Waver his first high five from grandma in a race.  I'm so used to him chanting "Grandpa Races, Grandpa Races!" that his "Grandma Races!" made me smile from ear to ear.

First woman finisher!!  That's what they said when I crossed the finish line.  I was totally shocked.

The flow was so fun and my Garmin Head games were obsolete.  Don't think I'm going to ditch the dude that quickly.  He really is a part of my running life but as far as racing goes,  I'm going to rely on myself for the next few races...

Speaking of which,  I have another one this Wednesday night.  A cross country 3 miler.  Can't wait.

Sticks were flying!
And then....Stick Boy passes out at the awards ceremony!
He never stops so this is a rare photograph!

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm IN LOVE...

...with my kindergarten class.  This week we'll be parting ways and I REGROUP for next year's crew.  Busy, busy with their memory books,  report cards and turning 46 years old.  My class gave me this birthday card with my photo on the front.  I think my hair looks better lighter, what do you think?

Our district "gifted" us new Mac Notebook laptops this week.  Happy Birthday to me..  Don't ask about the layoffs, the per student decreases in funding nor the fact that my class size will go up next year.  Shut me up with a new lap top.  They know how to do it right!

Now for the real fun, RUNNING!  My 10k training is shaping up nicely.  New discoveries every day in regards to fitness and speed.

1.  I've learned that it takes me about two weeks to respond to two/three days of speed orientated training.  This week my mid run pick up sprints were much easier and I didn't feel the cardio strain that I was feeling last month and even three weeks ago.  It wasn't painful but it was a push to get up to my sprinting speed for pick ups.  Pick ups are kind of like a faster stride and my 10k plan calls for 5 or 6 pick ups, even during my easy runs.  These efforts are getting much easier.

2.  I've learned that recovery runs are great for 10k training, just as they are for marathon training...only shorter!  Going out for a four mile recovery run is just plain fun and I can throw in some pick up strides, it's even better.  Will I ever go back to long distance training???

3..  I've learned that my heart rate monitor should be ignored during the tempo runs when I am pushing 4 miles at 10k pace.  Often, I'll look down and see that I'm pushing the limit in my threshold zone and it almost scares me.  Even though my legs feel good, I wonder...Will I stress my heart too much?  Will I get injured going too fast for too long?  I see the reasoning in using the HR monitor as a gauge but I'm learning to tune it out and glance ONLY occasionally at the pace on my Garmin. The good thing is using the HR monitor to see how your fitness improves and responds to your training.  I like numbers.  It's a fault of mine.  One of the many...

SO....even though tomorrow is NOT my target 10k,  I'm running a trail race 10k in San Diego and I'm actually excited to be back in the game of running shorter distances.  It's been fun wrapping up an 8 mile run and not feeling like my legs are MASSIVE tree trunks.  My goal for tomorrow is to have fun, enjoy the new trail because I've never run there before and just push it hard.  I'm not going to try for a specific pace since I'm not sure about the hills(which DO exist throughout the course)and I MAY NOT even wear my Garmin since I'd like to just push it and let it flow...and speaking of flow...

My dear friend Janet just  returned from Morocco after completing the Marathon de Sables.  I ran into her on the trail the other night and was REFRESHED and booty whipped by her insightful words.  While out on a sand dune at midnight during her run,  she said she stopped to look up at the stars.  They were everywhere.  She suddenly remembered the words of a team mate.  "If you can't stop and appreciate where you are, what you're doing and who you are, then you shouldn't be doing it."  She laid down and did sand angels, alone, in the desert.  I....love...you...Janet.

So, I'm off to do dirt angels tomorrow.  Think good thoughts for me, please!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sparkle Pants is now TWO!!!  His mom and dad managed to get him through another year.  Yesterday they gave each other a pat on the back for that.  Truly, my daughter is in school full time, raising a two year old with out EVER yelling or losing it AND he is both well-mannered AND sweet spirited.  See Friends, it all turns out ok.  How many times have I TOLD YOU that???...hmmm, I mean, how many times do I need to tell myself that????

Sparkle Pants scored a new skateboard helmet from us...and about a zillion balloons, which kept him busy for hours and pooped him out BIG TIME.
Who says a pony, a jumpy, a clown AND a petting zoo is necessary for a two year old?  Just buy him/her a few balloons and you're set!
Safety FIrst!!!

SP and Lifeguard(dad)

On the running front, 10k training is SPARKLING.  I'm having fun doing less mileage and more speed work/hill work.  At track this week,  I was able to hold mile repeats at 6:25, so I think my fitness is definitely improving.  Today's tempo run will be interesting...
It's definitely nice having more family time on the weekends and NOT feeling like a  broken doll from all of that mileage BUT...I do miss not having a marathon goal right now.

I miss it SO much that we're heading down to the RnR Marathon in San Diego to cheer on the troops!!!  THERE ARE WAY too many friends to mention on the blog because just about everyone is running from around here BUT I can't wait to see Bethany and Ryan running on their honeymoon!!!  We have a surprise for them!!!  Can't wait to head down there tomorrow with the cowbell!

GOOD LUCK to Amanda on her marathon and have fun, girl!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!