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Monday, May 30, 2011

Running On and On...

I'm back into training and it feels SO good!  I have two 10ks planned for the month of June and July and then a half marathon.

I'm so excited...goals are good for me and it keeps me motivated to use my foam roller every night, stretch, do my PT exercises and work hard.  Ahhh, you know that feeling.  One of the 10ks is a trail race so BS and I can run and train on the trails together so if we need to escape the LURKING of the realtors on the weekends, we can do so together.  So exciting.

I am wondering aloud(or in writing)if my old 6:45 10k pace goal is still valid.  I ran this pace last July and it felt good but I do think I am more fit and capable of a faster race.  The question is,  am I?  Do I just start training for a slightly faster 10k pace, say, a 6:30 and hope it works out?  I am using my heart rate monitor during my tempo runs and track/speed workouts so I assume I'll see a change in fitness and KNOW that I'm aiming for the right pace.  ANY thoughts??  I've never really trained for a 10k, they just kind of fit into my marathon training schedules from time to time.  This will be a fun summer of running, we're still waiting to see what the fall will bring us as far as trail races or marathons.

Our house went on the market today!  Thanks for your wisdom and realtor/selling advice. Think GOOD thoughts for us...sell, sell, sell! I secretly hope our crazy neighbor doesn't decide to pull any "tricks" or do anything scary this week.  You really never know....

The San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon is this weekend!  I can't wait to see Bethany and Ryan who are now an official couple!  Good luck and fun running to all of you that are running the full or the half marathon.  We will be cheering at mile 10 of the half, listen for the cow bell!

Sandy Pockets is turning TWO on "June Three."  That's what he says.  Can you believe that little blessing from "all things good and pure" is already two years old?  I'm really feeling like it was just yesterday that he popped into our WORLD.  Just remember what I've always said,  you never know how things will turn out.  Embrace surprises.  Special thanks to Becky for making me feel like a million dollar grandma the other night.  We laughed and laughed, Becky.

Thanks for stopping by, it's been fun catching up with your blogs this weekend.
Have a great, short week of running and life!


  1. Awww, almost time for Sandy Pockets to be two! Same with my little man! So wonderful! Such a fun age and not so fun too. ha! I say shoot for that 6:30...especially since you've never really just trained for a 10k and they have mostly been part of marathon training. I think it would be exciting to just train for that race. A fun goal for the summer...I was thinking of a similar plan if I don't try a tri. Good to read a Meg Post! Makes me happy. Thanks for the e-mails today too. :) xo

  2. Go for the 6:30! Can't hurt you to see how it feels!

    Running on the trails with hubs should be fun! We've been exploring some in our area lately - loving it.

    Good luck with the house sale!!! SELL SELL SELL!

  3. Good training ahead!! Hoping your house sells quickly!

  4. So glad you're back at it..and with races on the schedule! I'd say you never know until you try with the pace. Take it out a bit easier than goal pace and see how it feels, then adjust accordingly.

    Good luck with the house--that's always such a nerve-wracking time!

  5. Hope the house-selling is quick and painless. A stressful undertaking to say the least.

    Based on your level of enthusiasm I think you should definitely shoot for a 6:30. Certainly within your reach.

    Great header picture. Too funny.

  6. I will set sights on a long week of life - every week.

    Good luck with it all! My house selling experience all happened while it was sellers market. I am not sure if that is the case where you live? Hope so! I can't imagine your garden not being the selling point of the house.

    Have fun 6.2 miles at a time!

  7. YAY for smaller races, I think it's just what your body needs right now with all you have going on.

    Thanks for the awesome email, always makes me smile. Hope you make it to CO, would love to see you (and I have some trail races I know of but HT probably covered them all :)).


  8. I am interested in hearing what others say re the 10km training..I am racing my first 10km in a hundred years in July...I am a bit scared as to what my coach comes up with in terms of training...I fear a lot of tempos....

  9. I bet a 6:45 is totally still valid for you, but then I think you are super woman so I am a little biased

  10. Happy B-Day to Sandy Pockets...isn't two a wonder?

    I will be looking for you around Mile 10...that is so much when I need a cowbell!

    Have a good week Meg. Don't stress about the house sale too much. It'll sell, wacky neighbor or not ;-)

  11. The picture of Sandy Pockets as your header is amazing. I hope your house sells quickly and without hassle.

  12. I've missed your posts dear Meg, good to hear from you and that you are doing so well.

    Keep my fingers crossed you will sell your house soon and wish you a great day with Sandy Pockets birthday. Enjoy while he's still so little.

    I need goals too. I haven't really had one last month and you can see that in my results for May: it sucked! Next week my next half marathon training starts and I look forward to starting with it.

  13. They grow up so quick. At least he's still as cute as ever.

  14. Happy Birthday to Sandy Pockets! What fun that will be to celebrate.

  15. Oh, I hope I get to see you this weekend! I'll be running the full again this year. I should say "sorta running", since I'm feeling pretty tired- but it's my last marathon of the year. I think. ;)

    Good luck with the house and Happy B Day Sandy Pockets!!!

  16. I love that you and BS get to run races together and train for them. What a nice way to spend time together. I never trained for either of the 10Ks I ran - probably wasn't the best idea, since that is a tough distance for whatever reason. Plus the races I did had both a 5K and a 10K and most people did the 5K, so it was a lonely run for me. However, I wasn't nearly as fast as you - bet there are people around you when you run a 6:45!

  17. It will be so nice for you and BS to race together. You are such a speedy girl! I think you can cut some time off of your pace - cutting a few seconds per mile is nothing, especially over a 10k. Piece of cake for you. Happy Birthday, Sandy Pockets!

  18. Early birthday wishes for Mr. SP! Hope all of that dour housing news doesn't dampen the enthusiasm for buyers of yours. I'm sure it won't.

  19. SP is such a lucky kid. All you do is take great pics of him, that skateboard shot should be framed! (perhaps is, in the presumably hidden-due-to-house-buyers SP shrine)

  20. Ive been having blogger / comment issues... But it appears it may work today!

    Hoping for a short life on the market and a solid, generous offer to come in soon :)
    Happy almost birthday to SP!! He is soooo adorable. Truly a miracle :)

  21. Great to hear your running is going so well! Goals are the best and that's why I have many long term goals lined up. Happy Birthday to andy Pockets!