I run happy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smile if you want to...and if you don't, that's okay with me!

I'm not smiling today.
Don't judge.
Sometimes, we just have one of those "days, months or years."

So I was supposed to run a local 5k this week...
but on Monday I took another HOT YOGA class which has really been helping my legs and feet.
But, when I did that little twist pose, the one where you sit up, bend you knee at your chest, the other leg bent around your leg on the floor and give yourself a
HUGE HUG...and a twist.

and I pivoted my sacrum, lodging it against  my pelvis, which was  facing front and it stayed there, the sacrum that is.
My hip flexors seized up to help the back and BAM!!
I suddenly became a crippled mess.
Not smiling.

Guess what? Next week is my birthday!
The kindergarten circus!

One of last year's birthday celebrations...
Oh, yeah. 

Today as I corralled the circus clowns(they are my "assigned act:),  I was forced to chase them  across the stage but unable to run, I had to drag my "dead leg" behind me.
I heard laughter from the open classroom doors...my "friends" were totally amused.

I guess I'm due some DOWN TIME.
It doesn't make me happy but I'm going to receive it like I would a 
high utility bill...

I'm going to suck it up.
But just remember, today I don't feel like smiling.

I may not be smiling but I do have to laugh at the things life brings.  I have read several HONEST blog posts lately from some very, very honest bloggers.  I enjoy these posts because life isn't always

rainbows, chocolate ice cream cones and Sandy Pocket's hugs.

It's all about coping and living.

I've gotten a little hooked on watching one of the worst shows on BRAVO...Housewives from Orange County.  

Fake tans
Fake boobs
Intense issues and problems
Marital discord
some HUGE ISSUES that are so outrageous and ridiculous that they can't possibly be true.
Yet,  dispite my mind telling me that these shows aren't  real, can't possibly be true,  I hate to admit that watching them makes me feel
just a tiny, tiny bit better about my
crippled, funny life.

Oh, did I tell you we're also putting our house on the market this Monday?

Smiles all around.

Just being real...what are you being real about today????


  1. Ack - sorry yoga messed you up...that is so wrong!

    You have a lot going on - and where will you be moving to?

  2. seeing sandy pockets on a skate board makes me smile.

  3. Oh honey that sounds awful about yoga messing you up!

    How exciting re the house sale - where are you going?

  4. I'm being real about feeling fed up… The kid's vacation doesn't seem to end, and I've had it up to here.


  5. I'm with you on the real...life is messy/crazy/awful/fun/dizzing and real. Holy yoga injury...that is kind of scary!

  6. No one has to smile all the time. Happy early birthday. New home = new adventures!

  7. I'm being real about what a bummer your injury is and that we can't run together on Saturday. That would have been Epic. I'm feeling strong, but I have no idea what pace to set out at since I've never run a 5k.

  8. I find myself watching the New York Housewives. I can't even imagine having so much drama in one person's life!

    I hope you quickly recover from your twist. I have tried yoga at home once - didn't go so well, which is why it was only once!

  9. yoga is a little like computers. Most of the time it's fantastic, but then there's the other tiny part that's frustrating.

    I had a mild near injury a few years back where I hyper extended my knee.

    anxiously awaiting the news about the move. I'm thinking it's a local move, yes?

  10. This made me smile :D and still am! (I secretly like that show too-shhhh!)

  11. All of those Housewives shows are a guilty of pleasure of mine. Those women are cah-razy!

    Hope your hips/back are feeling better soon.

    And I hope you want to smile again soon. :D

  12. Sorry about the yoga incident. It all seems so innocent yet I too emerge from that studio quite sore and even moreso the next day. Hugs!

  13. Ugh! Hope you're feeling better.

    Where are you moving to?

  14. Oh Meg--so sorry! you've had more than your share of late. I totally feel you on that. Some years are not our years. We will both come back in 2012!

    And can I say that I am a big Housewives fan too? So bad. NY comes first, then OC. don't watch the others. A little escapism is good for you, right?

  15. Oh, Meg, I am so sorry! ::big big hugs::

  16. Meg, this is true- not always what we hope for.
    Glad you are finding some "honest" blogs to read. Sometimes I feel like I am reading nothing but fairytales.
    Get well!

  17. Ouch!

    Hang in there, Meg!

    I had a real run today with a real good, wonderful running friend. :) I also read a real blog by a real good, wonderful Kindergarten teacher.

    You make a difference!

  18. Finally I'm able to comment :)

    Nothing wrong with not wanting to smile after what happened to yoga. It's a bummer. I understand you are feeling better now.

    May is a good month, lots of beautiful woman were born that month (you and I LOL ) Hope you are going to have a great birthday.

  19. Hi!!

    oy, first sorry you body is not doing what you want to be doing. Bikram yoga sorta scares me for that reason.

    and can I say...is that really sparkle pants on your header? Can't believe I've been reading you since he was a WEEEEEE one.

    and lastly, don't you live next to all these OC Housewives???;-) ;-) Go take em all out on a run barefoot and give em' a breath of fresh air!;)

  20. Yeow. Obviously you won't be the circus's acrobatic act this time. Hope you heal quickly.

    And I'm with you about being real.My friends are all real - they have good and bad days. I like blogs about real people too. Honestly, if you don't have ups and downs in life you're not doing it right.

  21. Nice yoga illustration for the uninitiated.
    Wait. Was that video actually supposed to be a picture? Ya know, you think you're taking a picture, but the camera is in Video mode?
    Bad days, weeks, months, etc. They're all relative.
    Keep pushing through your crippled, funny life!
    Real? - Sometimes, it helps to hit rock bottom. Then, whether they like it or not, life afterward just might read like a fairy tale.

  22. That's really a bummer. So sorry you got injured, it's so frustrating. Just try and enjoy your down time some how...read lots of blogs and be lazy.


  23. House on the market?!? Moving east ? :) love the new blog header photo! Hope your ache is better by now?

  24. Boy, you have a lot going on. Big hugs to you and hope life and body unkink themselves soon. I love the circus pictures... glad you have all the good things in your life. Hang in there!