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Monday, October 17, 2011

XC Race # 6

6 races down, every weekend, only two more to go.  This was supposed to be the fastest course, the course with the least hills and the course that many gals PR'd on last year.  Alas, this wasn't to be my day for the sub 20 min. PR at the 5k.  I knew it the minute I woke up.  That's not to say that I woke up with a negative attitude.  Nope.  I love this fun stuff too much.  I just have been DEALING with real LIFE this week and it pretty much pooped me out.  On Saturday morning,  I wanted to wake up, put on the team jersey and run my heart out.  Actually, I was just hoping to survive this race.

Basically this is how it went down>>>
Our masters women team started off with the OPEN team in a "team box."  What?  Suddenly, at this race, we're mushed in with about 15 women and two other teams on either side of us.
"Expect elbowing."  was sort of mentioned at this point.  Women elbowing?  College girls or the old ladies like me?  Couldn't see myself using "the elbows" as running tools.  Of course, that changed as we started to the firing of a gun.  I felt myself listening to the words of a porta potty coach who told her girls NOT to run by feel.  Heck no, make up your mind in the first few strides whether you're going to go for it at mile 1, 2 or 3. Oh, by the way, she wasn't coaching the porta potty users, she was actually coaching her team girls while they waited in line for the potty.  
*free coaching*
Suffice to say,  my mental focus wasn't on for this race and I spent the 3 + miles waiting for my poop cramps to go away, grabbing my side, rolling my eyes at BS and taking the turns wide enough that if I "decided" to quit the race, I'd be in the right spot.

People told me they thought I would quit the race several times.  I must have looked radiant and thrilled.

But I didn't quit.  Close to the hill near the finish, I sucked it up.  Once I hit the track for the finish lap,  I realized the clock read 18 something and if I tried to run the track in one minute, I'd PR.
Ha, ha, ha.
I must have been delirious or on crack at that time.

I just kept running and crossed the finish at 21:01.

Well, I didn't quit.

I am new to xc racing this year so everything I've learned has come from MAKING STUPID mistakes right down to eavesdropping on a coach and her college students while we were in line at the porta potty.
I didn't race xc in high school.  Heck,  I just started racing 6 years ago.  SOMEONE should have told me the rules before I got started. There is strategy, there are rules, you just can't run and run and hang on.
But, it's worked for me so far.
AND, I'm loving it.

Great women ran today.  Some fast, some took their time, most gave it their all.  That's all that matters.
Did I tell you I'm just grateful to be a member of this awesome group of girls...I mean, women?
Happy Running,


  1. Way too fun! I always laugh when I read articles that say, "Oh, women aren't competitive, they are nurturing and just want everyone to do well", blah, blah, blah. Baloney! Women ARE competitive-sometimes they are worse than the men! Throwing their boney little elbows around, pushing, shoving - a girl can get trampled in the start stampede! But lucky for you, you are one of the fast girls (probably doing the trampling -hee,hee, hee!). You are only going to be faster and stronger after this. :-) BTW - I battle those poop cramps, too. Liking the skirt, too! :-)

  2. You are such a badass. I think I'd snap an ankle if I even thought about doing XC.
    Your skirt is sparkly and perfect!

  3. There's something special about those races where you hate every second of it while you're racing, but look back and love it after!

  4. THis sounds like a lot of fun. I am jealous. And I love love love your header. LOVE It.

  5. Love those "turn around" races. One minute your out, the next minute your in. Sharpen those elbows for the next race!

  6. Megaliea, next time you need to get in there and elbow the crap out of all those scrawny little young things and work your way to the front of the line - you can DO that sub-20!! Not that this wasn't a stellar performance - contraire - you did AWESOME! Poop issues and eye rolling and you still ran a great race! I love your XC season, it reminds me of coaching my kiddos and I think of you out there often when I look at a course. I think I will move in your spare bedroom next summer and run with you, ok? Well, not "with" you....do they have an old-fart division for slowpokes? That's where I'll be.

    Hope "life" is better this week!!!


  7. Such a pity when real life gets in the way of what you really want to do. Great result anyway.

  8. Girls Meg, always girls, because you are all young at heart and love your running together.

    These posts make me so happy because you sound so positive and enthousiastic every time you write about it. Love it.

  9. Great header! You are so amazingly fast! You did it and had fun doing it too...I can't wait to try XC running :)

  10. Poop cramps! UGH, I hate the poop cramps. I got a 6 miler in and the last few miles were all poop cramps and then I came home and sat on the toilet for the rest of the night. THIS SUCKS.

    Way to get out there and get to the front of the line though, you are awesome and a sub-20 is in your future! Yay!

    Ok, I signed up for the race, I am in!!! It will be tons of fun. :)

  11. So is XC racing more of a trail race versus road race? I'll go google it!

    You are sooooo fast!!! I mean I'd have just barely finished 2 mils in the time you ran that whole thing, and that was you not feeling "on"? Wow - very impressive!

  12. Awesome run once again Meg! You really enjoy the XC and I think it is great. You are fast! Life has thrown some heavies at me as well this year but luckily also some brilliantly good things. As long as we keep on running. Take care!

  13. I can't believe you guys are masters runners. You all look so young!

    We can't win em all can we? (is that an annoying thing to say? so cliche, sorry) Some victories don't come in PRs right. Great job gutting it out. I would expect nothing less from you!

  14. XC = a contact sport! "just kept running" it doesn't get any better than that. Awesome. Keep running.

  15. hi! I found your blog through Mary's and I think I had read it a couple times before without realizing that you were in SD/ran for BSK. i'm one of the gals in turquoise in the picture (cool picture!)... say hi after the championships!

  16. Before you, I had no idea they even HAD XC for adults other than trail running! Love that you are doing this!!! Sorry you had a rough race but lady, I still think you are a hardcore rockstar!

  17. I have never done xc running before but you make it to be be very cool. SOmething I might want to try out some time in my life after life or something. Almost there Meg. Keep going. Next time. Sorry about the poop cramps. For Poop situation preventions, I eat choco - turds. Take care, and thanks for sharing. Now, keep your elbows to yourself. lol

  18. I don't know why I can no longer comment (this is, like, my fifth attempt in a month) but I love that you're doing so well and fully enjoying the fall cross-country season.

  19. Elbowing sounds more like being in the lane in basketball. Congrats on your XC adventures. It sounds like a lot of fun!