I run happy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Race Candy...

Our team raced again last Saturday and as we approach one of our final three races,  I'm left to reflect on how this XC season as gone.  Of course, it's no surprise,


A friend from the team told me that these races are like CANDY.  She's right.  Once you get started, you can't stop.  It's almost addictive...no, it IS addictive.  This is being said by the woman who despised 5k's two months ago and is on a quest to finally break her 20 min. goal for the 5k.


I would say that biggest challenge has been running these hilly and varied-terrain races as if they were a road race.  Thus, expecting that my time will be close to my road 5k time.  It just "isn't" so and it's almost a relief some days.  Going out to hang on and push for the team and for my personal goal is more fun knowing that the occasional soft and sandy spot will be there to test my forward movement.  Maybe it will be a muddy spot or a lumpy grassy hill, perhaps, even a KILLER hill.  Whatever.  It's fun to see what new adventures will be encountered during these races.

New flavors.  New textures.  Less calories, NO cavities.

I like this candy.  Too bad it's almost devoured but I've appreciated every minute!

TOO much, way TOO much, to be discussed on the home front and the school front.  One little tidbit is that BS has been out of running commission since the summer due to his Achilles and he's had an MRI, etc.  He's out until December.

I miss my favorite running partner.

*he's a good listener
*he has something GOOD and wonderful to say about EVERYONE(yes, really)
*he's funny
*he's inspiring
*he's the real deal

Love that man.

Happy Running!


  1. Aw, my hubs has been benched for a while now too (well, just started again). Sucks!!!

    Sound like you are really loving your new found "candy" - awesome!

  2. Miss you Meg. I don't comment often anymore...I'm a pretty lame blogger but gosh it is nice to get on here and see a post from you. Just makes me happy and want to get out there and live with love and run my heart out! Your team sounds so wonderful...definitely candy-like. Sorry to hear that BS is out for a bit. :( Hoping for quick healing. How is kindergarten?

  3. You sound like a full-blown addict. Hi, my name's Meg and I'm a run-a-holic.

  4. It's great to hear from you Meg. Sorry for BS that he can't run till December, I can totally understand you miss your running buddy.

    I love your enthousiasm for the group, it makes me smile to read the joy in your post.

    Let me tell you what's up with me: I decided to not run a half marathon next Sunday. I'm too slow and running didn't go that well the past months. Here in Europe people run a lot faster than in the US and I'm always one of the last to come in and I'm sick of it. So going back to 5K and 10K races and try to get faster. If I can do that, then I will be thinking about a half again.
    I took a week off running last week and my first run last Tuesday was the best run in months. I made the right decision by skipping the half and take a week off, I need to find my joy in running again.

  5. Great that you enjoy it so much. Sorry to hear about BS. That is a bummer. I'm lucky to have a real deal in my life as well. That is the best deal for sure.

  6. Aw, sorry abut BS. Really a downer. But the cool thing is you x-country racing! Love it. Want to try it one of these days.

  7. Sorry BS can't run right now. :-( Way to go with the XC racing, it sounds like fun!!

  8. That is perfect! I don't eat candy at all (just because of a resolution 18 years ago) .... but I would agree - racing IS like candy. I love it!

  9. Love love those happy pictures of you and the BSK ladies enjoying your "candy"! Sorry to hear that your running partner is out:( but good that he is letting it heal. I have been there with Sergio, but he always makes an even better training partner when he is 100% healthy!

  10. Glad you have enjoyed the x-country races - it probably adds a freshness to your running. I, too, have the Real Deal, and would be incredibly sad if he weren't able to run with me. It's awesome how it works that way but leaves us a bit lost without them. Hope BS hangs in there - December will be here WAY before we know it. He'll be chomping at the bit ready to go!

  11. I have never been a part of a team, or at least an athletic one, you make it sound so cool , now I want to try it. The shared work and rewards are what make it best!

  12. An "xc league" for Grownups would be so cool. I think around here all I'd have are old men reliving their glory days though... Not a fun team like yours :)

    Poor BS! I hope his Achilles is mending nicely!

  13. Your BS is a keeper! Exciting that you found another way to keep running interesting and fun. Sounds like a blast!

  14. I love this xc for grownups. Of course this is right up your alley!

  15. Glad you are enjoying CC season :)

  16. You and this cross country thing. I just might and have a go at it. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the season of it. BTW, I opened up the GU drawer the other day and there was Mr. Ant. Thank you so much for that. You know he is a center of one of my motivations for running. for real. I hope all is well your way truly. I would hate to try to even guess what my cx 5k time would be. lol. 30 minutes after you cross the line prob. You take care and happy running Meg.

  17. Megsie...I read this the other day and was going to comment then but then got sidetracked and my pea-brain forgot to come back until now. Please forgive me!!

    I love your XC team, I saw some pics on FB and I knew you were having one heck of a great time doing these races! Good for you! I would love to do something as fun!

    Poor BS and that stupid Achilles!! He is such a good sport and nothing will stop him from being the good-hearted soul he is. I'm so glad you are there for each other - all the time!!

    I owe you an email! Live has been so nutsy but I have much to tell you (I think??). I will do that this week. Just a few months until I see you :)