I run happy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it corny and trite to say that I've always imagined that I would live in a community that reflected the WORLD?  Different types of people, different colors, personalities, unique qualities and talents?

That we could all live our lives but somehow contribute to the lives of others in meaningful, kind and constructive and helpful ways?  I guess that's why I blog...and why I shared that story about our daughter coming home...I haven't felt the blog community to be anything other than CARING AND HELPFUL.  HOPEFUL.  I'm grateful.  Thank you all so much!

Do I sound like MARY SUNSHINE?  Are you opposed to reading what else I have to say because this is just TOO PIE IN THE SKY, too ROSEY, too idealistic?

Idealistic, realistic, optimistic?

I am entirely optimistic for my daughter and Sparkle Pants.  I know it's not going to be easy for them but we've re calibrated, , set up some new house hold boundaries for all of us and now, moving forward.  Let me thank the author of this book for some insight!

I'm finding that just remaining in the present and staying mindful is helping me in EVERY are of my life.

 I also need to thank those people in my COMMUNITY/FAMILY/WORLD for their unending LOVE and confidence in all of us.  THANK YOU BLOGGERS for your supportive comments and know that it was important to share this information with people who are in my WORLD because this is life.  Hiding or putting on the "RUNNER BLOGGER MASK" just isn't my thing.  I'm many different things but a runner is only one of them...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Our 7th and FINAL Cross Country Race!

I might have neglected  to mention that besides everything else going on in my life,  I am now training for the Carlsbad Marathon in January!  This week had no room for tapering for today's 6k but it's all good.  I managed 42 miles this week and definitely felt the fatigue in my legs during the last mile of the xc race.  Last Saturday was a 15 miler on hills with 4:30 spurts at marathon pace.  I felt sturdy and strong and felt totally recovered by track night on Tuesday.  That night I did 10 miles and didn't feel great by Thursday but did pull off the workout.  Yesterday, my recovery miles were slow and few but I did wake up HAPPY and ready to race.

Starting line!

There was a STACK OF fast masters women today, everyone is  gearing up for the XC Championships in San Diego in two weeks.  I managed to stick to my 6:45 pace goal for the first two miles and then slowed down to about 6:51 for the remainder of the race.
The terrain was mostly rolling, grassy hills and trails with some flat trails, lined with honking geese.  I have DEFINITELY learned to stick with a pace effort  over the terrain rather than aiming for a set finishing time at a XC race.  There are just too many variables with the terrain and other runners.   Again, I had the time of my life today and ended the race slightly sad because this was our last one of the season.  Our team has become so close and supportive of one another but we'll move on to the Championships at Mission Bay shortly! It's not quite the END!
Again, the marathon training is first so I'll also   keep on with the longer training.

THANK you, THANK you, THANK you once again for your thoughtful comments and support. I am grateful for each and every one of you.



  1. You are going to be a finely, well-tuned machine for Carlsbad in January! All of this fast XC racing is valuable training refinement. You are a fast lady! I think the only time I have ever seen a 6:45 on my watch is when I was running downhill! :-) Glad the "life re-calibration" is settling down - we are sending a big hug and warm thoughts your way that life continues to head in a happy and positive direction.

  2. Ah Meg! Like I've said and thought so many times, you are an amazing woman. Your daughter, your beautiful grandson, so lucky to have you. You know the mark you're leaving here with your love and support. I've always admired you in so many ways....as a mother, a runner, a teacher, a person...

    Rosey, Idealistic....It's no secret I'm fond of pie AND sunshine:)

    Super job with the running. I can't even grasp running a sub 7 mile right now much less continually running them! Excited to watch you train for this marathon!!

  3. I think your attitude is just right. When the world changes there's no point in moaning and carrying on about it. You just have to accept the changes and run with them. Your daughter and grandson are so lucky to have her parents there for them.

    Well done on the XC race. You've had a great season!

  4. You're welcome. I love reading about these XC races. You're so speedy and such a contender! I have heard good things about Carlsbad, a race I may have to do sometime. (Along with the 100's of others on my list)

  5. Sounds like you have a lot going on. Good luck with it. I am down here helping my daughter due to some major changes in her life. Being a parent is always a huge part of who we are and what we do.

  6. I couldn't agree more with what Jenn said above: you're amazing and it's an honour to "know" you in this blogging community.

    How exciting: another marathon which you will be great at as usual!

  7. Your spirit, your outlook and your strength are INSPIRING!

  8. Looks like a great book, thanks for sharing! I was supposed to run my first cross country race this weekend but it was cancelled due to snow!

  9. You are simply amazing. Do you know that? You hold it together more than anyone I know! I read this post last night but couldn't comment because I was having such a crappy day and I just had to stop feeling sorry for myself and start being more like Meg! You guys are all going to come out just fine...even better than fine. Life constantly throws us curveballs but its's the way we reach tot hem that makes us awesome, and you are at the top of that awesome list!

    Love you!!

  10. Wow, I assume that is you in the blue. Don't take this the wrong way, but you look super Hot! sub 7 minute miling. I can only dream of that right now. With the geese, hope you missed the green stuff. lol. I wish you all the best with the adapting and what not. Take care and all the best too with your training for the Carlsbad in January. Ant Man says Hey!

  11. Everybody needs a little Rosey Sunshine in their lives! I've been reminding myself that, God doesn't ever give you more than you can handle. I too have been focusing more on staying in the present and not worrying or fretting about tomorrow. It's a challenge.

  12. Meg, thank you for being so real and sharing your heart with us. You're by far one of my favorite blog friends and I think of you as a mentor on so many levels. Motherhood, running, teaching...love that you are so positive and you find the sunny side of things. Still have this Flow book that you suggested...just staring at me...I really should read it. :)

  13. My kids taught me something long ago - trust them to do the right thing. Our job as parents is to teach them how to make choices in life. And you know what? They always seem to come back to the right choices....

  14. great attitude...simply amazing spirit :)

  15. Lovely post Meg. I see myself as a very positive person and your outlook on life is so great. You do so much and you are a true inspiration. Training for a marathon while doing some awesome cross country races takes some doing. Well done!