I run happy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

WANTED: Abandoned Blog Update

Sparkle Pants Turns Five!

How does one catch up with oneself after not blogging for 7 months?  
Why start up again at all?
Who cares?

Suddenly, with NO warning, no prodding from BS, husband-runner-rock star MAN,  I decided I missed writing.  I missed amusing myself with the silly things that I do, say and notice around me.  Of course,  I'm the one only one who things these things are amusing.  And.  That's.  Ok with me. 

Then, BS-RS Husband asked me WHY I hadn't blogged and how much he missed my posts.  Which is strange since we have been married for 27 years, sleep right next to each other, run most days together, eat together,  hug, kiss and snuggle and text all day.  You'd think he'd know EVERYTHING that's going on.  BUT NO, we wants to know more.  Hmm...

I also realized that no one else really needs to know about my silly life anyway,  the reader is intriguing to me but I don't write to impress any reader(except my ROCK STAR)but it's FUN to put my silly thoughts to print and send them out into the universe.  THIS IS HOW blogging differs from the beloved FACEBOOK experience.  On FB,  I want to tell you all the spicy stuff that's going on...BE IMPRESSED READER...think I'm all that and then LIKE me 102,000 times so I know how great I am.  THEN,  I'll take a selfie and you can comment on how YOUNG I LOOK and how hot I am!  Baby,  FB is the place to make me feel AWESOME...
However,  blogging is words.  Blogging is expression.  Something I've missed for a while.  Blogging is not always perfect, nor the 100% authenticity that we need but it is expression of some form...and I like it.

OK, enough of the rationalization.  I'd like to say I'M BACK and truly mean it but life happens.  So for now,  I'll enjoy the sweet ride.


Most things.
Sparkle Pants is still the light of my life.

Still teaching kindergarten and loving the wisdom of a five year old, the transparency of our interactions and the honesty of a clean and happy heart.

Still running and also not running(depending on how hard I go out and then how many days I need to spend recovering from said run).

Still cheering on ROCK STAR and watching him push himself to the limit.


Not much.

Rock Star is running an Ultra in Colorado(Silver Rush)in mid July!  He has been sleeping in an altitude tent which is hilarious and HOT but he is filled with more confidence than he has red blood cells(which are not rapidly multiplying as I write this)SO that's all that matters.  I look forward to him doing his thing...what ever that may mean.  He does his thing in style.  That's just him.

I'm training for a marathon in Nov. and will officially go for a PB: 3:15-16.  THERE.  Said it.  I have found HOKA'S(angels trumpets sounding out)and they have pretty much saved my running career.  I sing the PRAISES of Hoka's every chance I get...MOST cover their ears but the chosen few are coming over to the dark side.  Or should I say, light side...can't wait for the lightest HOKA ever...the Clifton to be released next week.  BLISS.

What is not different is my stubborn determination to keep running and living life to it's fullest.  Running happy,  love.


  1. Welcome back. Love me some hokas. Best ever.

  2. The other day I was cleaning up my blog roll. I got to your site and decided not to click delete because you sometimes put up a post. And here you are. Welcome back.

  3. Hey Megsie, funny about your blog; I was thinking the same thing as Char (and I have been a blog absentee myself for months). Love your silly self and hope to see you soon.

    LOVE Hokas - they saved my life at Silver Rush last year! :)

  4. So, so, so, so happy to see you're back! We've missed you! KEEP IT COMING! Ha! I want to run a race in CO with Jill next year (maybe - no commitments until after IM) and am thinking about an altitude tent. DO listen to the chat about altitude training on Marathon Talk this week - super informative. And WOAH YES LADY. 3:15. Put it out there. Love it. Go do it you fast girl! And as for Fakebooking - yup. We're all guilty. And yes - that's why I still blog.. Sometimes. Love you girl!

  5. No! no! NO! BLOGGER JUST DELETED A LONG AND THOUGHTFUL COMMENT! Ok I'm going to cut and paste this one. Megsie I am SO happy to see you out there again. We've missed you - it's not the same without you. It's great to see your updates - 3:15 is fantastic and entirely yours. And I want to rent an altitude tent next spring so I can go run in CO with Jill. So tell me how BS is getting on. OH - and do listen to the altitude chat with Greg McMillan on Marathon talk. V. helpful. So happy you're back lovely Meg.

  6. Ahhh, we were thinking of doing an Abandoned Blog blogpost, too! Great minds think alike! ;-) Can't believe SP is 5 - wow. Glad to hear life is treating you all well. Silver Rush is a good course - RS should enjoy it. And yes, Hokas rule. Totally. Been loving me some Kailuas the past while.... Take good care! :-)

  7. So so glad you posted! I have also been missing in blog land here and there. I post some but most my posts have been so blah...but your post here...well, it reminds me of what I loved about writing my blog so much...the real stuff...the stuff I write for me. So, thanks for this. I've missed your blog...your words!!

  8. So very glad you have come back. I too, have been away from anything blog blog for a while, while my time is filled with my wonderful son. I look forward to seeing more of Meg. Take care and stay thirsty my friend.