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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Recent Obsession

Boy Scout has almost recovered from the body trauma and mental tribulations from his 50 miler.  He is now jogging a bit and plotting his next move for his 50 miler on May 11th.  Let the fun begin once again!

My plotting involves more technical trail races for the rest of the spring and maybe a fun half-marathon.  I have become obsessed with racing the Xterra race series and trying to stay at the top of my game with 15k races and some 21k races.  The trails always prove to challenge my legs and stamina like no other type of running.  I also LOVE the downhill technical trail running.  Trails like the one in the photo above make me quiver...I feel like a horse/goat/rabbit...trying to find a "safe" way down the hill while maintaining a 7:30 pace.  I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT FALLING AT ALL in this post, so I won't.    The BIGGEST challenge has been hill climbing which I enjoy but find SO frustrating.  I really don't want to walk but the steepness of some of the trails makes this impossible.  Grrr...I have a lot of mental images that I access when I feel like walking;  I picture my legs churning and churning like a well-oiled machine.  Sometimes,  I just stare at the top of the hill and imagine myself being pulled up by the runners in front of me.  This works and doesn't work.  I just want to make it more consistent.

Next week,  I race locally, an Xterra Mission Trails run.  It has a mountain called 1000 Steps, and it is.  I had *FUN* on the rocky trails the last time I did this race and two weeks ago we ran it as training.  I was able to run every hill except the 1000 Steps trail itself.  I have big plans for this weekend...NO WALKING.  There, I said it out loud(really, my dog heard me).

I might place in these races and sometimes I win(because I'm a "mature age grouper")but that's not what matters to me...tackling these CHALLENGES has consumed me and I love picking some mini/major goals like NOT WALKING,  NOT TAKING A POTTY BREAK,  STAYING STRONG and AGGRESSIVE the whole way.   I have found these goals to be the best kind and although they don't revolve around a time or pace,  they do keep me moving forward.

Marathons and half marathons are still on the calendar but for now,  my OBSESSION keep me growing and getting stronger.

What are your OBSESSIONS with your running?  What keeps you motivated to press on?

Have a great last week of January,


  1. When you said "No Walking" out loud, did your dog look sad and put his tail between his legs? He might have taken that comment personally and now need therapy.

    Have fun on those trails. They look tricky!

  2. No walking on steep trails is not in my vocabulary...I have a lot of steep vertical hill work these past couple weeks and I am just not strong enough yet to get to the top of the steep stuff w/o walking *sigh*. But that's okay because it gives me something to look forward to in the near future...I am loving (finally) the process of working hard to NOT have to walk the hills, just like you have done. You're ready to nail it, Megsie and I know you will!! Rock those ROCKS!!

    Good to hear Steve is recovering well and on his way to another 50-miler. Will he come out and run the Leadville 50 with me?!?! I need some company (if I am not too chicken to register after Moab :)).

    Run strong, Sweet Meg!! Good luck in the race!
    Love ya!

  3. You have a great obsession for sure! I love all trails and enjoy the uphills and the downhills. I run lots where running is just not possible due to the gradient and due to the terrain. My obsession is distance and I am motivated to run some very long races over the next few years.

  4. Not yet to obsession level, but I'm enjoying trail runs more than road runs these days too. They get me sore in new places every time, which tells me that they're working difference support muscles and helping to stabilize my legs. I'm also a big fan of hill running, since it helps out on the bike, and vice-versa. Staying upright on the downhills is definitely an adventure. Readily admit to a few spectacular falls that have entertained others.

  5. I love trail running! I have a lot of trouble hitting roads these days.....

  6. Sounds amazing and hard! :) I am totally doing some trail races this year!! Now, I'm even more motivated :)

  7. I can not wait till spring for you have motivated me to get on some trails. You rock! thanks Meg for the inspiration. what motivates me? an orange ant in my shorts that bites me if i slow down. lol