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Sunday, January 13, 2013

50 Miler, 50 Miler, 50 SMILER!

Once upon a time,  a small, slight boy started running.  Perhaps away from his mother, brother or rough  little neighborhood buddies.
He ran fast.  It kept him small and skinny.
He grew...slowly.
He got tough.
In jr. high he started running to beat others.  He gained confidence.
In high school,  he ran some marathons.  He was fast.  He was still skinny.
His mom said he ate loaves of bread, drank gallons of milk right from the refrigerator.
He says he as ALWAYS hungry.  For more running.

In college, he grew his hair out.  Bleached it in the sun.  He started surfing.
Running became a memory.
Towards the end of college,  he started slam dancing.  He loved the Sex Pistols.  He cut his thick mop and opted for a mohawk.

**In Mexico, he meets a running girl.**
Yes, Mexico.
No, they don't stay there...it was a "weekend" get away that involved Hussong's and Corona's(college days, remember?).

He remembers the old days.  The hungry days.  He keeps surfing.
They marry, they have kids.  The running girl stops running.  
Mom, wife, teacher...and running doesn't have a space in her life.

He keeps surfing.

Running girl decides one day to take it up again, restore the LOVE of freedom, liberty and sweaty clothes.

Girl gets more serious and does some marathons; Rock and Roll's,  Bostons.  She has  fun.

Boy stops surfing and never looks back.  Not once.
They run together.  They compete.  They become competitive with each other in only the BEST of ways.
The have fun.  They become empty nesters...kind of.

FAST FORWARD to January 13th.
Hey, that's today!

Man tapers for his first 50 miler!!!!
He doesn't look back at his knee surgery 8 months ago.
Keeps his eyes on the finish.

Obviously, this story is NOT over.  In fact, it seems like it has just begun.

Life in the forties and fifties is looking pretty AWESOME.

ULTRA icky toe issue...

Race report next week!

New  Ultimate Direction vest...pretty light weight, room for cell phone and other treasures and treats.
He tested it out and it's pretty cool...

Happy Running...


  1. Well, this is certainly a match made in heaven. How could it not if it began with Coronas? Now, about that toe issue... {{shudder}}.

  2. Ok, the whole story is WAY COOL.... Big congrats to BS for his 50 miler - coming back from his injury = awesome! Yes, the 40's and 50's are looking good!!! :-) Keep running and living HAPPY!!! Always enjoy the ride......

  3. Congrats to your husband. Were you in awe watching him? Fun!

  4. That's like a Disney fairy tale without the Princess being a 'princess'. I'll admit to getting a few goosebumps reading it.

  5. Awesome story and it is one that gets better and better all the time. 50 miles...fantastic!

  6. Can't wait for the report! You are both adorable!

  7. Awesome!! Can't wait to hear the RR....looks like it was smile-worthy though! :)

    Ditta to what Alice said - adorable!