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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two Months Away from the Second Half of My Life!!!!

It occurred to me that this WRITING thing has been missed.  When I look at the little guy in the green shirt at the front of my line,  I realize that I once wrote a letter to him via my blog...over 5 years ago,  that implored him to come to life outside of his mommy's womb.  I couldn't wait for him.  That Sparkle Pants, as I used to call him.  And...here he is at five and half years old.  In my kindergarten class.  At the front of the line on JOG A THON day.   Magic happens People.  Of course, the other cuties in line are close to my heart as well.  A friend's sweet son,  a grimy-faced dynamo girl,  a chatty-catty with MUCH spunk.  Delight. Again, magic.

This year has been filled with the three F's...fun running, fun family, fun living.  I've had just one hiccup so far(and when I use this term, I don't use it lightly).

Hiccup=an injury that keeps me from running and training and basically takes my breath away, makes me hold my breath and then, gasp for strength and air in order to move forward.

Thankfully,  the hiccup had me out of running for only 8 days BUT BOSTON training is BOSTON training and getting out there on the road is what I needed to be doing.

Being a runner who wants to CHASE personal bests at the age of ALMOST 50 isn't easy!  It takes a team; HUSBAND, chiropractor,  guru ART/illegal laser/massage/and stim user,  best friend,  surrounding running friends...and plenty of hope.  AND RECOVERY time.  I've also had to stop working with my fabulous running coach, Nicole, and dial it down a few hundred notches.  I was pushing SO HARD, SO MUCH and really losing sight of what my body could do, needs to do and wants to do....reasonably.  So,  I've come back to running and racing since September with a site called Runner's Connect.  Basically,  I follow an injured runners program which gives me ALL the strength training I need for my weak parts and also a schedule that is smart and 50's friendly.  So far, it's been great.  The one week that I decided to follow another plan,  I had the

HICCUP...learned my lesson and then continued back with Runner's Connect.  I'm in for the long run now.

So, with Boston in April,  I'm off to do a long run for 18 miles up lots and lots of hills.  Our running club does this one every year...SUPER excited to be back with them and attack some steep ones.  I'll have Heartbreak on my mind.

Happy Running!


  1. Megsie, I didn't know you were running Boston this year. Hooray!! Let me know your plans - I hope we can meet up. Miss you and glad your hiccup was short-lived and you're back to listening to that inner voice that you trust so well and doing what's smart for YOU!

    Love seeing SP's pic and tell BS hello!! :)

  2. What fun to have your grandson in your class! Beyond delight! I am training for a half and my knee is being wonky. So not fair. Happy Boston training!

  3. Sparkle Pants!!! I'm sure he'll love to know that was one of his first nicknames when he hits his teenage years ;) Glad to hear you're still running and doing Boston!!!

  4. So happy to get an update (and wow, how grown up is your cutie Sparkle Pants!!) - I needed to read what you wrote about changes and accepting what your body can do and that you still CAN run, you just need to do what works now instead of what worked in the past. You are going to rock your 50s!

  5. Great to read/see a post from you! I'm going through the same type of thing with my now nearly 52 year old body telling me all kinds of stories.

  6. So very awesome to see you back and around. I do so miss your posts, etc. I love when you write about sparkle pants can I am a new dad and love to hear about it. This blog really is awesome. Best wishes in your training. I have a coach too and will write on that in the future. You take care and enjoy your training.

  7. Welcome back to Blogland! My wife has our grandson in her class too.
    Best wishes on your training for Boston.
    My old body 58 y.o is tired of complaining.....I seldom listen to it....