I run happy.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Boston, More Boston!

I think I am twelve weeks out from Boston?  The weeks are so busy,  I lose track.  I am not obsessing nor perseverating about my training.  It is a part of my day, my week,  my life but it is NOT MY LIFE. I have so many things…
Last weekend was spent with twins from my class a couple of years ago, their buddy, her mom and our friend Shad…he ran the Lake Hodges 50 miler.  Tough guy.  Stoic.  Calm.  Pulled off another 50 miler and he didn't even need the cow bell.  

 Last week also yielded some SNOW in Encinitas…ha, ha…out of a snow making machine.  Some parents from our kindergarten brought ice and make snow for our Kinder Pretzels.  They were SOOO funny!  Some had never felt snow melt through their fingers.  They were shocked it was so cold and many just sat and ate it until it was gone.  Joy.  I love shocking kids and watching them react to something so ordinary to some, yet, completely foreign to most Southern California babes.  Loved that day.
Back to training!!!
The dead leg syndrome has a name now.  An origin.  A source.  Kind of sad.  Kind of strange but definitely not something to stop me from being superhuman!

I guess the 45 X-rays show that I had a fracture on my spine when I was born.  I was born breech and my mom says I was stuck with my legs and head inside of her.  After forceps and lots of pulling, I was born.  Possibly causing that fracture.  Anyway,  during adolescence,  I started to feel the pain as I grew and stopped riding horses competitively.  Only to have the fracture rear it's head once I started running longer distances!

The dead leg is actually referred pain from the nerves in my back, protecting the fractured spine.  Hmmm.

Once again, I'm back to pain management and feeling better knowing what's up.

Boston training is incorporating HILLS, HILLS and more HILLS.  Yesterday's workout was 14 miles, 7 up a hill with 6x5 min. spurts up the hill at goal marathon pace.
7 down hill.
I know the hills going up are great for my fitness and my back issue but going down took it's toll by mile 13.  Baby steps…

I've yet to determine my goals for this marathon.  At this moment, I'm obviously grateful to just be running.

Run happy,

Sunday, January 5, 2014

BOSTON TRAINING BEGINS, Dead Leg Syndrome and Living in San Diego

Ok, let's get the inevitable out of the way.  I live in San Diego.  Yes.  It's gorgeous right now and yes I feel guilty about it.  I cringe when I see a friend has posted another incredible sunset.  I was there to enjoy it.  I know how gorgeous it was and how the pink, purples, oranges and reds lit up the sky.  I was the one who sat at Swamii's Beach and decided to abandon a run and just melt into the bench, watching the show before my eyes.  Unable to separate myself from the moment.  Ugh.   Sorry…living in California isn't that great though.  Well, despite the weather anyway.  For instance…
despite the fact that my dear friend lives just steps from the beach,  she  can't get a new microwave oven.  Hey,  it's expensive to live here.  We pay three times the amount for a home so we have ghetto microwave ovens and
we use lots of duct tape so our furniture lasts longer.
Hey…SNOW or using our imagination and duct tape.  You decide.  We already have.

Speaking of warm weather,  Boston training officially began a few days ago.  I have a sort of calm and didactic approach to Boston this year.  I know I will be there.   I have been off of steady training since my ultra in November.  December was a mix of massages, acupuncture, random easy runs, SUNSETS, and just running by feel.  Somewhere in there I realized that my hip and left leg were STILL sore from the race and not responding to much of anything…even rest.  So,  I have been doing a lot of stretching, yoga and am seeing a specialist again this week.  It is possible to run through this and even train for a marathon.  At 48 years old,  we call it MANAGEMENT.  I just manage pain through lots of RECOVERY and stretching.  I've done this for the past three marathons and still improved my times but I DO NEED to seek some help from a specialist this week just to recover for good from my nasty left leg issues.  Done.

So,  yesterday was my first 12 miler and the end of my first week of Boston training.  I'm excited and hopeful for the spring.

Wishing everyone WARMER weather, nice sunsets and healthy training in the New Year!

Run Happy,

Sparkle Pants, my daughter  and I during the holidays!!  Can you believe he's already 4 1/2??