I run happy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well,  let's just say that the throwing up didn't stop after the race.  In fact,  I was presenting to fifteen teachers in a neighboring school district the following Tuesday after the race.  I had felt alright on Monday and by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning,  I was setting up a little "throw up" stand behind an easel next to the teacher's desk.  That was PLAN B, just in case I didn't make it down the hall, out the door, across the playground, back into the office and down the hall to the teachers' restroom.

Guess what happened?  Plan A.  I tore down the hall, made it through the office, heaving the whole way.  I wound up in the restroom,  just in time.  IT WAS THE SINGLE MOST EMBARRASSING moment of my profession as teachers stared at me...we were dropping like flies!  We all abandoned the day and I went home to sleep for three hours.

Two days later, I was back to my usual FUN and GAMES and recovered from my race.  One of my proudest moments was helping Sparkle Pants pick out his first "manufactured" Halloween costume in the middle of February.  He is CRAZY about all super heroes and choose a Captain America costume from Party City.  It wasn't until I got home and we attempted to watch a few Captain America videos off of You Tube that I realized that this "vintage" cartoon is really pretty racist,  violent and riddled with tanks,  weapons and everything else that Sparkle Pants' parents abhor.  MAN,  I'M ALWAYS IN THE DOG HOUSE AROUND here when it comes to Sparkle Pants.

Too much sugar!
Nasty Halloween costumes!
Gluten products!
Action Figures!
Late bed times!
Too much pretend and role playing...

Geesh, being a grandma is NOT easy.  I didn't realize I was going to have to play by everyone else rules..

Time for me to grow up...or not.

Happy Running, stay safe!


  1. I thought the fun of being a Grandma was breaking all the rules. And getting your young grandchild to keep your naughty secrets.

  2. I agree with Char - that's kind of what grandparents do isn't it? You've done your hard time in the trenches enforcing the laws, no? Now it's time to have fun. And he DOES look great in that costume...

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Nah, Captain America is great for the kids! You are a super grandma! Hope the throwing up sessions are now all done...

  4. Oh man!

    My first week subbing- HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY- and I threw up in the room. Turns out I had a 103 fever as well. It was a tough first week!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Sorry about the continued pukey fest. I was super sick last weekend and traded a few key workouts with the bathroom floor and toilet. Took awhile to recover from that one. Glad you are feeling better and getting SP all ready to conquer the world, even if he's eating gluten and staying up too late...that's what super heros do! :)

  6. ummm, no, we don't have to grow up as Grands...we earned the right to spoil, pretend, keep 'em up late as late aswe want, make cupcakes with them and let them lick the beaters! I love you! xoxo
    Glad you're feeling better.

  7. the only things that spoil are fruit and milk. love that little guy with all that is great from our generation. you can" spoil" my kids anytime.

  8. Yikes...I'm glad you're feeling better, that must have been awful.

    Love the new header photo! I sure hope I don't end up having to follow to many rules with my grand-daughter...kind of ruins the whole point of grand-parenting :)