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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Western States Mania and It's Summer!


No,  I wasn't a runner but rather,  a groupie.  A stalker.  A wanna-be Western States 100 miler runner.  Boy Scout was a beginning crew-mate to Man With Long Legs who crossed the finish line in 22:XX hours.  Long Legs was amazing.  His brain is like steel, his wit like a whip and he flicked off this race like dust on his shoulder.

I LOVED, RELISHED, DRANK this race in like a Slurpee after a hot run.  Gulping and  gagging every second.  This race is not for wussies, not for walkers, not for the tutu crowd.  It's harsh, it's tough, it's mean.  I saw runners go to different places and they were not nice places; HELL comes to mind.  Despite the cooler than normal temperatures,  this race always tests the hearts, minds and innards of it's runners and I left LAKE TAHOE with a little tingling feeling somewhere...

After taking 6 days to recover from a mere 33 hours without sleep(ha!  I know I slept more than anyone),  I have felt the WS Tingle grow each day.  I've relived each rest stop where The ULTRA WHISPERER waved his magic wand around Long Legs' head and poured chicken broth down his throat.  I've memorized Boy Scout's foot cleaning routine and re-socking of Long Legs who at one time,  had so much muck between his toes,   BS had to clean between his toes just to get the Injin socks on his feet.  The crewing, the pacing,  the tents and sleeping bags on the football field at the high school finish line....memories that will not be forgotten.

WHEN and HOW this 100 miler will go down for me remains to be seen.  Last night I saw SPEEDY at 63 at dinner and she advised me to apply as soon as this November..."You aren't getting any younger, kiddo!  Each year you wait,  you lose a little something for that race!"  Thanks Speedy,  so comforting coming from a TWICE RUN Western States hot shot, ONCE WON.  I listen to this girl.

Groupie or runner, runner or groupie.  Time will tell.

For now,  I'm in my second week of training for the Chicago Marathon.  Super excited, surviving some two a day work outs and cross training more than ever for this marathon.  More on that this week!  By the way,  TALKING ABOUT TWO A DAY runs,

Heaven is...telling your friends who are all runners(in the cabin of crew and pacers in Lake Tahoe)that you're going out running again.  Yes, AGAIN.  TWICE IN THE SAME DAY!   No one makes the snide comment,  "Didn't you get that our of the way this morning?" "Aren't you a little obsessed?"  "Practicing being anorexic?"
  No one in this crowd even blinked an eye,  I received a cheery,  "Have fun!"  Each and every time.

 I love athletes.

Happy Summer Friends...still thinking of the Colorado friends and family who are healing and dealing with the fires last week.  Hugs to you all.

Running right along as usual,


  1. Once you hear that whispering in your head you know that it's going to happen. The whisper will get louder and louder until you can't ignore it any more. Your friend's right - you might as well sign up now.

  2. Hi Megsie..
    I miss you like crazy and so sorry we didn't get to hook up when I was in S.D. I didn't have a phone at the race and wandered all over with finish area with Irene so I wouldn't lose her and my ride back. So sad I didn't get a Meg hug :(.


    I think that's so cool about WS and the whisper brewing in your head...that's a sign for sure!! I'm going to crew/pace a friend doing the Leadville 100 this August, but after doing just the 16miler this past weekend up there, I am certain I won't be signing up for that one. I am excited to help him out...and if you need help next year at W.S., I will be there for you!!!!!!!!!! I will!

    Hope I make it to Chicago. If I do, I hope hope hope we get to hook up.

    Love ya!

  3. Western States! Wow! That would be beyond amazing but glad it's you considering it and not me!

  4. That sounds like a very intriguing challenge.

  5. Running right along as usual? That's what I like to hear. As for Western States - Megsie I have NO DOUBT you can do this. Let me know if you need me to crew...

  6. Good to hear from you again Meg, missed you.

    Sounds like an amazing experience: both for the runner and the spectators.

    Have fun at your marathon training.

  7. 2-a-days for Chicago? Or are you prepping for WS100 2013 ;) I have full belief in you crushing that race! Glad all is going well my friend.