I run happy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A CRISIS in ROOM 105!!

I got to school early, dressed all in ORANGE, since today was ORANGE DAY in the kindergarten.


I was setting up a painting table so that my Chili Peppers could express themselves through all things ORANGE....
and I accidently left the cap off the paint bottle.  Later, distracted by the Chili Pepps,  I placed the top ON the bottle, neglecting to twist it.


20 minutes later with 23 little Peppers surrounding me,  we hunted for orange things around the class, I picked up the bottle of paint on a tray,
it fell
and fell
and fell,
hit a tree stump bench
and imploded.
Pegging the legs of about 12 Peppers.
Other parts too.

Orange pants.
Speckeled faces.
Streaks of orange hair.
Spotted orange shoes.

The carpet.
The rugs.
The teacher.

Parent helpers just looked at me.
Kids cheered.

It was offically ORANGE day, let the fun begin.

The true test in being called a patient person is being able to laugh, brush your shoulders off(or wipe them off, in this case), and move on with your day...despite the 2 foot wide pool of orange paint sitting in the middle of your circle/carpet area.  

Have I arrived?  Only slightly.  I'm still stewing about it obviously.   However,  it didn't ruin my day.  Now I'm off to RUN TRACK and be a normal person.  That's the beauty of my life!

What's really important?



  1. Oh my! The positives here are the kids cheered AND it was ORANGE!! I love orange!

  2. Ha!! Well, orange is my favorite color:) Hope you have a great track night!

  3. Oh no! Hope you got rid of some of the paint. Will you do a repeat on the next color day?

  4. Love your attitude. At least it was all within the day's theme! Have a great time at track!

  5. Meggie, why wasn't it PINK day?!?! Everything pink would be awesome!! :)

  6. ooooh. I think if you can consider patience in that moment, you're good enough. Better than most... I'm missing a photo though.

  7. I love it! Orange is such a happy color. I'd wish you made a photo for us :)

  8. Meg, this was the perfect thing to read before heading to school today! Today's mental focus will be "What's really important?" :)
    Thank you!

  9. Best. school day. ever.

    Rock. Paint it all orange! :)

  10. Ooooo, I bet it was beautiful even though it was messy! I love the color orange, so vibrant.

    You are definitely more patient then me, I can't stand messes like that. I sort of do an OCD freak out!

  11. O my son would have loved this! He is orange crazy and we recently painted his room orange. Patience is always great. I'm lucky to have lots of it myself.

  12. I can almost hear the kids cheering!!!! I love color weeks. They do it again in 1st grade here and my daughter is in all green today.

  13. I am sorry...but I love that they cheered....
    this is so something I would do....

  14. A small disaster for you will be one of the funnest things they remember about kindergarten. You made the day the full orange experience.

  15. Oops. That's all. Like Ace said - the Best Day for the kids! How many kids can say their teacher spilled paint all over them? :-)
    Did you feel better after a hard track workout???
    Hey, how are you liking your Brooks Green Silence?

  16. You taught kids a lot more than about color orange and THIS is what teaching is all about.
    I bet your track running went great. :)

  17. Orange you glad it wasn't, say, Brown Day when the paint exploded. He he.

  18. Haha to anne's cheesy comment. I bet the kids loved it! Glad you didn't let yourself be frazzled by it.

  19. I know the kids will be talking about that for days! I'm glad you overcame that and handled it so well!

  20. Ha Meg! How funny. I love your attitude. Never had it happen with orange paint but did once spill over a 50 gallon bucket of fresh made clay, true mud. Oh well, all in a days work! I have missed you Meg!

  21. Aww, I was hoping for a picture of the orange outfit! I love that the kids cheered. I'm going to keep that in mind the next time I drop something and try to muster up a cheer. Glad you could keep your humor about it! Enjoy the little ones.

  22. hahaha I needed to read this today : ) Thank you!!!!