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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Have No Manners= Potential 10k Disaster

My mom and dad really did try.  My mom was old-school in the manners department but back in her day,  47 something women didn't  spank flirt with young men.  Especially women who were married AND a grandmother. Geesh.  My mom is still alive and often reads this blog so SORRY mom, for what you are about to read.  By the way mom,  it has to do with RUNNING and I know you would  probably be SO bored by another  a running post; so redundant.  Wait, don't poke your eyes with needles!  We'll catch you next week with another post...no running, I promise.

10k News/Potential Misbehavior...

A few of the gals and I  from the BSK Team ran a 4th of July 10k on Wednesday.  It was one of those races when we shook pinkies and promised one another that we WOULD NOT RUN FASTER than a prescribed shuffle.  It was DOWN time for us.  Just fun.  What? No racing?  Is this what they call a FUN RUN?

Check out SPEEDO boys on the left!  There were actually about five of them by mile 3.
The race was it's usual PATRIOTIC self.  Full of kids,  high school runners, girls in stars and stripes  bikinis(heck, it is California for gosh sakes)and the usual band of 12 high school boys(wait, didn't I catch them in the beer garden post race?)dressed in blue Speedos and nothing else.  Their usual style is to start out at a 5:30 pace for about 100 yards, drop it down to 6:30, finally to 9:45 and hold it there for the remainder of the race.  Hence,  my misbehavior.  The gals and I found ourselves "trapped"wink-wink behind these boys for over a mile.  Yes,  I HAD to stare at multiple,  21 year old   buns for over ten minutes(remember, we were on the super shuffle pace).  At one point,  I 'd had it.  I went all 50 Shades of Gray and had the *desire* to reach out and smack one of those fannies.  So crude.  So unbecoming of a grandma, right?  After all, my OWN SON is almost 21.  Blech.

Well, mom, I didn't do it.  I resisted.  Would these team mates report me?  Egg me on?    Would Boy Scout approve?  Cheer me on?  All sorts of shame fell down upon me in the early morning mist and I decided to behave myself.  I know,  I'm NO FUN.

This race was tons of fun, a great group run and a chance to add a few more miles to my Chicago training calendar.  Perfect.  I especially loved running with Sorority Girl and Snake Charmer, they helped the time pass so quickly...and the buns didn't hurt either!

Workouts this week:

60 mins. biking
6 miles
8 miles/track workout
60 mins. biking
4 miles
8 miles/speed work
Tomorrow 12 miles/slow :)

Happy Running Everyone...keep your living light and simple :),



  1. That looks super fun! I'd have gone all Christian Grey on them too! ;) Thanks for the speedo pics.


  2. It's pretty tough to get past 47 years of training in how to be a lady.Laughing at some of your unlady-like thoughts though.

  3. Ha! All 50 Shades of Grey huh? ha ha. Love your posts. sounds like fun! Nice to read Meg post today. And I love your header.

  4. Oh honey, you don't have to go all 50 Shades in a race...you're living it right there at home!! ;)

  5. @Jill - you've just gotta love her! But seriously I was all disappointed - I would have DEFINITELY egged you on. Nice running week Megsie!

  6. Ha, ha! Thanks for the fun laugh! I, too, was raised all 'prim and proper' and occasionally have that urge to be 'bad' like you but just can't follow through with that fanny hand slap..... :-) I think you may have your urge satiated, though, if you just go out and get BS his very own red, white, and blue speedo - then you can fanny slap to your heart's content with no guilt!!! :-)

  7. You have manners, you resisted! I don't think BS would have minded though... And guys are usually the ones checking out girls' bottoms in races so you were just returning the favor!

  8. I would have done it. It's been ages since I could look at well shaped young butts :) What? I would even try to keep up their pace, no matter how slow I would run :)

    I'm currently reading the second of the Fifty books and although it's so poorly written I do want to know how it ends :)

  9. Still laughing at the post and at HT's comment. You just have to find positive outlets for your...thoughts. :)

  10. Your experience reminded me of a time I ran the race and recognized a couple of kids in the Speedo Crew from my daughters' classes. They turned a deeper shade of crimson realizing who I was, and I felt so so so old.

  11. What a great way to spend the 4th! Your mom would be so proud. Hope you are having a great summer!