I run happy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

XC Championships in San Diego!

So happy and so sad!  The XC Championships in San Diego were today and it marks the end of my XC season.  On the one hand,  I'm happy to be freeing up my mind for things that don't start with 5 and end with k or 4 and miler.  The short stuff, all 8 races practically every weekend, have been great for my "racing brain."  I tend to run short races like a fun run...high fiving, smiling, just out for a piece of candy.  Race candy.  As the last few races played out,  I found myself focusing more on the run.  The speed, the flow, the end.  And then I smiled.  Once I realized that the courses were never flat, never smooth and usually had about three hills and lots of turns, lumpy grass and today, some soggy mud, I relaxed and found my "happy place" with XC racing.
Seriously, bliss.

I think my favorite thing about this series has been running with my BSK Teammates.  So many fast ladies but also, so smart and so supportive.  Once you start traveling around every weekend together you also get to know the other masters ladies and it becomes one big family.  We cheer for one another, celebrate and give lots of hugs.  This is what a racing team is all about.  I love you, Girls!!

BIG THANK YOUS to the RUNNING SKIRT GIRLS here in town for sponsoring us and the OPEN Elites with such cute skirts!
Jessica won first woman OPEN!  Awesome, Jessica! Great job, Morgan, Joey and Melissa!

Tomorrow, my focus turns to my marathon training for the Carlsbad Marathon in January! My base is strong, my focus is good, I think I'm off to a good start.

Thanks BSK girls, Coach David, Nicole, and Steve for making today possible!  I love you all!