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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Masters Run/Race Report and More Summer Fun!

Drippy Drawers(AKA: Sandy Pockets)
summer fun, 2011
Yikes!  BS and I  played GRANDMA for four straight days with Drippy Drawers.  !  Drippy's Mom and Pop went to Hawaii for the paddle board race.  Drippy stayed and kept grandma Meg BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  OMG,  how did I EVER have the energy to raise two kids, work and function?  5 days with Drippy was more difficult than the San Francisco Marathon a few years ago.  No kidding.
Today Drippy's Mom called to tell me he is potty trained!
It's been a most excellent summer!

Today the MASTERS GIRLS had some great runs at the 56th Annual Balboa Park 8 miler. Well, Sweet Alexis in the light green shirt isn't a masters runner but she was sure a great cheerleader.  THANKS ALEXIS!!  

I didn't have a stellar run, it was actually a minute slower than last year and I felt pretty tired the whole time but I ZIPPED up the MAN/WOMAN suite(Marathon TALK)and just pushed through. No negative thoughts, just pushed.  I was happy with that.  I'm feeling the affects of  
NOT running the long mileage on the weekends during these longer races, those that are longer than a 10k.  I might have more speed for the short stuff but the endurance is something I will integrate later in my training.  

Two Other major YIPPEES from the race
1.  I had no poop/potty problems thanks to Imodium
2.  My foot did not hurt during the entire race, despite the hills and terrain. It's been 5 months since my Boston episode with my foot and today,  it was confirmed that I am back to having a foot and body that is 100% healthy.
There is HOPE and HEALING for all....believe.


Finally, here's proof that the WEST COAST bloggers got together for Jill's visit from Colorado.
Chris Korn
Heffer Blog
We had a fun get together and it was GREAT to visit!
Miss you already, Jill!!!